Name: Murlynd
Gender: male
Portfolio: crafting, magical technology, paladins
Titles: The White Paladin
Holy Symbol: A six-pointed star with rounded points
Alignment: LG
Favored Weapon: pistol or bastard sword
Domains: Artifice, Glory, Good, Knowledge, Law, Nobility

Murlynd (MURR-lind) is a paladin with unusual abilities. From his planar travels he has acquired knowledge of technology unavailable in this world, and his usage of such devices makes him somewhat of an outcast (although he has been known to travel with Mayaheine and Zagyg). He appears as a handsome man with weathered features, worn leather clothing, and a light-colored hat of a style unseen elsewhere. Although he appears taciturn and aloof, he is actually quite personable among his allies and only dangerous if provoked by evil folk. His symbol is a six-pointed star with rounded points, and his holy book (often titled Murlynd’s Early Adventures & Subsequent Ventures) bears this stamp.

“Learn from the advancements of the civilized races, both mundane and magical, and apply this knowledge to helping the common folk. Never use an inferior item when you have access to a superior one, whether a spell, sword, or tool. Protect the weak and innocent, act honorably at all times, and face danger with certainty and calm.”

Murlynd’s clerics seek to uphold the tenets of law and good. They use their knowledge to help commoners and are never too busy to help defend a village against raiding monsters. They adventure to forward the cause of good, throw down the outposts of evil, and destroy magical or technological devices capable of great harm. They are incessant inventors, and throughout their travels they build, repair, and improve mills, forges, and other sorts of tools and machinery.


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