Name: Irori
Gender: male
Portfolio: history, knowledge, self-perfection
Titles: Master of Masters, The Perfect Man
Holy Symbol: An open palm in a blue circle
Alignment: LN
Favored Weapon: unarmed strike
Domains: Healing, Knowledge, Law, Rune, Strength

The followers of Irori (ih-ROHR-ee) claim that he was once a mortal who achieved absolute physical and mental perfection, and thus attained divinity. While many people of the world are wary of his strict adherents, the disciplined regimen of the Master of Masters is gaining popularity among those who seek order in these troubled times. There is a minor rivalry between his faith and that of Cayden Cailean, for Irori became a god without the help of a magical artifact. Irori is very rarely depicted in art because his faithful believe that any icon of him cannot hope to live up to his perfect image. Instead, they describe him as a flawless Vudrani man, with no hair save a long braid, simple robes, and wooden sandals.

Irori’s priests have no formal garb other than a long rope of braided hair tied in a loop and worn about the neck like a necklace. Temples are usually sprawling complexes featuring rooms for prayer, sleep, and exercise, where his faithful study and train night and day in an endless quest to achieve perfection and purify their ki, or life force. Those who rise to the rank of master are said to go to Irori’s side when they die to serve him forever, while those who fail are reincarnated to begin the journey anew. The temples are not generally open to the public. His holy text is Unbinding the Fetters, a lengthy tome describing physical exercises, meditation, diet, and other methods to transcend the limitations of the mortal form.

Many of Irori’s followers are monks, men and women who have dedicated their lifestyles to simplicity and purity in order to perfect themselves. He is also worshiped by psions, scholars, sages, and those who seek to impose order on the fundamental chaos of magic — his religion sometimes clashes against the teachings of Wee Jas as a result. Irori respects all other deities, and teaches similar tolerance to his followers; he dislikes those who tear down or corrupt the accomplishments of others, and has an ongoing feud with Asmodeus as a result. He shows his displeasure in the form of mysterious and sudden cramps, fatigue, or sudden setbacks in the form of unexpected illness or madness.


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