When Orcs Attack


Dantoni, an Honest Deal mediator for the Zilchus Western Company in Westgate, has been murdered. Dantoni’s father Afronidious, the Holy Clerk of the ZWC Westgate branch, hires the Irregulars to investigate his son’s murder. They meet with a friend of Dantoni, Clinorus Kradner, the proprietor of the Whirling Dervish. Clinorus tells them that a young orphan is the only known witness to Dantoni’s murder, but since he’s nowhere to be seen in the city, he’s possibly at an orphanage out in the countryside. He introduces the Irregulars to Sister Tillie, a cleric of Pelor, who leads them to the orphanage. Along the way, they encounter a destroyed farmhouse and rescue a baby from a group of orcs. At the orphanage, they find it under attack by another group of orcs. After defeating the orcs and rescuing Peacemaker Galrent and his orphans, he tells them that Snip, the orphan they’re looking for, was kidnapped the previous night; Galrent chased the kidnappers to the Kalim Woods, but both he and the kidnappers were attacked by orcs. The Irregulars head to the Kalim Woods to investigate, and find a message left by Snip saying he was being taken to Kalimthorp. The Irregulars followed, and found the town under heavy guard in fear of an orc attack. At the local blacksmith’s shop, they found Snip’s kidnappers, and a fight broke out, during which the kidnappers and the blacksmith were knocked out. Sir Havenatiouls, the local lord, arrested the Irregulars, but let them go after hearing their story.


  • Needfest 2: Syad & Nye kill Dantoni.
  • Needfest 3: Snip leaves Westgate with Peacemaker Galrent.
  • Needfest 4: The Irregulars leave Founder’s Reach.
  • Fireseek 11: The Irregulars arrive in Westgate in the early morning. They meet with Afronidious, then Clinorus, then Sister Tillie. The Irregulars leave Westgate with Tillie, rescue the baby, save the orphanage, look for clues in the Kalim Woods, then head to Kalimthorp. They rescue Snip from his kidnappers and Old Jed, and return to Westgate.

Groups/NPCs appearing in this story:

When Orcs Attack

Founder's Reach Poit