To the City


Five adventurers – Shira Blackhand, Norshar, Lyr, Louie Solir, and Kenshiro – are independently traveling to the city of Founder’s Reach. Along the way, they stop at Gate, and are hired to guard a traveling merchant named Frederick Burke. On the way to the city, they encounter some escaped pack lizards and a goblin patrol. After dealing with those threats, they are forced to flee from a goblin army that chases them to the city’s defense perimeter.



  • Goodmonth 5: The party is hired by Frederick to take him from Gate to Founder’s Reach.
  • Goodmonth 6: The party encounters some lizards and a goblin patrol. They then arrive in Founder’s Reach after fleeing from a goblin army.
  • Goodmonth 7: The party members become citizens of Founder’s Reach.

Groups/NPCs appearing in this story

To the City

Founder's Reach Poit