The Tion Difference

The Impact and Magic.

Whatever caused the impact, it force the lands of Tion away from normal reality. Within the sea itself, magic fails to function in any repeatable manner, and clerics find it impossible to contact the gods. While in the Maquoran Sea, treat all arcane spells cast as if the caster had failed to make the spellcraft check on a wild magic plane. Divine magic fails to function completely.

While on Tion, treat all arcane magic and spell-like abilties, as Wild Magic, except the DC is 20+spell level.
Divine spellcasters have it worse. Them must make a Concentration check (DC 20+Spell level) per spell they wish to recover, starting with the lowest level spells.. For non-spell abilities, such as smite evil or channel energy, the DC is 10+half class level. The DC drops by 1 for every 5 miles beyond the edges of Tion.

Races of Tion.

Few records exist that indicate the origin of the dromite race, but for over the past millennia, they have served as the slave workers for the societies of Tion. Naturally adept at working and living underground, the dromite race served primarily under Alyrian rule until roughly a century
ago. Taking advantage of the weakening Alyrian power base, several enslaved hives managed to successfully throw off the control of Alyria. Despite heavy casualties, many dromites now live under their own rule, rather than as slaves to others. Due to widespread perception of these insectoid humanoids as lower class, many dromites have migrated away from Tion, fnding a kinship with the maenad race for a similar history. Sadly, several of the smaller hives that successfully rebelled sought to free their brethren, only to be recaptured. As a result, most dromites on Tion still live in slavery and harbor some envy resentment at those dromites who have maintained their own freedom.

Dwarves: The Dwarves of Tion weathered the impact much better than the elves. Deep in their mountain holds, they continued much as they had before the impact, adapt to the new paths of psionic with much aplomb, as thier natural stonecunning also applied to crystals use in psionic items.

Elans are the only race not deeply immersed within the numerous cultures of Tion, since they are a hidden people. They kidnap children with great potential and raise them as part of their society, called Lumien, before transforming the abducted into the psionically empowered elan. An elan can be transformed from any of the humanoid races of the workd, their physical appearance changing slightly to conform with how most elans look: vibrant hair and eye colors and fit physical forms to complement a strong mind. The elan are raised to view themselves as a higher form of being, an illuminated race on the path towards enlightenment, and that the remaining races are simple beings who do not understand the higher secrets the elan are used to.

Elves: The Impact was not kind to elves of Tion. As dark clouds blacked out the sun, the magic they used to live in harmony ran wild. Seasons changed at the drop of a hat, and previously tamed and engineered creatures were twisted into new forms even as they overran the cities. Elvish civilization on Tion was destroyed almost overnight. The elves of Tion, now referred to as the adonai, were driven into a primitive hunter-gather existence, forced to face the reality of “Living in harmony with nature.”

Ever the most populous race, humans are the largest segment of the population in most sections of Tion. As a result, the times that problems between races erupt, humans typically win the struggle or lead one or both sects, merely due to superior numbers.
On the southern crescent, they mostly co-exist with the xeph population, which has larger numbers than the humans. While those humans in north Tion are native to the continent, the southern reaches were typically occupied solely by other races until the rediscovery of the lands by maenad sailors. Now, humans have started to migrate from Femon to Tion, seeking out a variety of things, from riches and fame, to freedom and a new start. These new human settlements in southern Tion tend to have a view that they are entitled to the largest share of the continent,
stemming from being the largest population segment in Tion.
Regardless of location, humans of Ksaren are adaptable, enterprising individuals who strive to keep up with the naturally psionic races for fear of being swept aside. As a result, many humans take up the path of the psionic classes, including psions, soulknives, and society minds.

Jettur (Half-giants)
Before the Impact, the Sorcerer-Kings used cruel magics to transform criminals into gigantic workers to slave eternally in the obsidian mines of their overlords. Some time, right before the Impact itself, something happened that allowed the jettur to shake off that control and enscone
themselves deep inside the mines. As the Impact shattered the world above, the jettur survived and their legends claim they were the frst race to set foot on the still burning world. Regardless of their past, the jettur divided themselves between those that wanted to pursue a new way of life and those who wanted the freedom to explore who they were.
Their hulking bodies served them well in the aftermath of such an apocalypse and they were well suited for nomadic lifestyles. Many claim a connection to the “Flow” of the world and can temporarily disrupt it with a symbolic stomping, causing a minor localized earthquake.

Formed as an experiment by the Alyrian Empire, the maenad rebelled and founded the Maquoran Fleet in the Shattered Sea. The maenads are flled with an undescribable rage, kept under control by an iron will, enhanced by their crystal-infused bodies. The maenad are a diverse race and there are several major strains, divided according to the colour of the crystals fused to their skin. One can fnd jet black, shimmering blue, vivid purple, deep red and jade green maenad, their eyes mirroring the coloration of their bodies. Most maenads feel a deep connection to the sea and rumours claim that the oldest amongst them aren’t fused with crystal, but with the salt of the sea.

Solitary by nature, the orcans are a race who outsiders view as something akin to an intelligent, humanoid bear. Primarily found within the Crystalshard Mountains, the orcan race is strong and wise, although their lack of developed societies or organized education leads them to be somewhat stupid by civilized standards. Like the ursine beast to which they resemble, orcans are fercely protective of their mate once chosen, and both father and mother will defend young to the death. This nature leads orcan society to prefer a small, familial structure, rather than a conglomerate of families or races common among the rest of Ksaren.
Not entirely without some sense of culture and society, orcans are not violent to one another unless provoked. While there are virtually no truly orcan cities or towns, trading between orcans is common, and familial villages are increasingly popular and expanding.

Nimble and friendly, the xeph race primarily inhabits the southern reach of Tion, using their natural disposition toward travel to explore and inhabit vast areas of the land.
Humanoid in form, the insect-like appearance of the race which would normally be off-putting has causes little discomfort among outsiders due to a natural affability exuded by the average member of the race. Living side-by-side with humans, the xeph race has little concern with outside races, freely interacting and trading with any other race or culture willing to enter into honest deals.

The God-minds of Tion

Unlike most of the known world, Tion does not have any gods or goddesses. History says that such beings once existed in the world, but since The Impact, there has been a distinct absence of gods and goddesses. In their place, godminds have emerged. The few texts that have survived since The Impact indicate that the old gods were vocal with the mortals of Tion: appearing as avatars, granting divine power, interceding on behalf of their worshippers. The godminds of Tion are virtually the opposite. Those who follow the tenets of the different godminds might be granted additional abilities others might not gain, but these abilities are typically not pulled directly from the godmind and are instead the individual unlocking their own hidden power, perhaps through
the intervention of a greater being, but perhaps simply from studying the tenets that greater
being exemplifes. The discussion on such a topic is one that is vehemently argued by
both sides of the belief and has caused more than one altercation by those who feel strongly of their beliefs. Regardless of which side is correct, the godminds themselves have never interceded directly to set the matter straight.

Godminds are immensely powerful entities on par with normal deities in terms of power. Although
some godminds were individuals of such immense psionic power that they transcended mortality and gained mortal worshippers, granting them abilities on par with standard deities, some are conceptually so alien that normal mortals cannot comprehend the nature of the godmind and instead typically believes they are like normal deities. Unlike standard deities, godminds do not grant their worshippers special abilities, such as divine spellcasting.
The use of godminds should also accompany utilizing the default rules of psionic-magic transparency to minimize diffculty in having interaction between psionics and magic. Unlike many deities who are active in their worshippers’ lives, a godmind is typically more of a greater consciousness than an active party. So long as their advocate adheres to the tenets that attune their body, mind, and soul to their godmind, they may gain special psionic abilities such as access to psionic nodes. The doctrine listed for each godmind is a guide for each worshipper to follow if the godmind is expected to grant abilities such as access to psionic nodes; the doctrine is not necessarily a comprehensive list of expected behavior and may be modifed as needed.

Deity Alignment Exemplar Nodes Favored weapon
Aeni NE Fear Fear, Mind, Psionic, Secrets fear
Aur’eskin N Psychometabolism Battle, Body, Healing, Morphic Unarmed attacks
Cynfre CN Psychokinesis Energy, Force, Psionic energy missile
Eltha NG Unity Body, Healing, Protection Corrupting touch
Faedreth LN Clairsentience Extrasensory, Insight, Protection Reality disjunction
Hourth LE Compulsion Mind, Psionic Compulsion effects
Javan N Mind blades Battle, Psionic soulknife
Kraegan N Psychoportation Spatial, Time, Travel baleful teleportation
Maquora NG Dichotomy Battle, Healing, Passion Rapier
Nereth CN Secrets Extrasensory, Mind, Secret subterfuge
Phanos LN Metacreativity Creation, Psionic Crystal shard
Saurok LN Telepathy Fear, Mind, Psionic, Secret Mind thrust
Veran CN Passion Passion, Psionic special
Zean NG Enlightenment Insight, Knowledge, Mind, Psionic See text

Traditional monsters and Tion

Unknown to most surface dwellers, therewas always two civilisation on Tion. One based on land, spreading to encompass the entire planet and finally causing its near demise. But there was another civilisation, deep beneath the waves, deeper than the oceans stretched here was an entire realm that was both underwater and underground. Where today there is nothing but a crater and
cattered islands left, once there was a great kingdom, seat of the Sorcerer-Kings. Beneath this continent existed a huge subterranean cavern, almost as large as a small continent in itself, inhabited primarily by the Aboleth. When the impact happened, the continent above was obliterated
and the Aboleth became aware of the other world above them. That was thousands of years ago however, and while the humanoids on the surface were strained to survive, the Aboleths repaired their shattered homes and began searching for the outside. About a century ago, one of their tunnelling expeditions broke into the oceanbed, finally finding the outside. Numerous colonies have sprung up round this tunnel and the Aboleth are spreading like a disease beneath the waves, conquering everything they come across and enslaving every kind of strange monster or weird animal they can. Their thirst for knowledge is only surpassed by their cruelty and many new abominations have been spawned by the experiments of the Aboleth.
Unknown to the world, there are a new race of conquerors bent on enslaving the entire world.

Devils, Demons & Angels: Tion has no gods and no fallen creatures whom fight the gods. They are seen as mindless supernatural slaves whom fight an eternal war for no reason other than the enjoyment of their “divine creators”. Civilised men and women all over Yionscoff at those who put their faith in gods who could do nothing to save the lands from the folly of men and the power of arcane magic.

Goblinoids: There are no known goblinoids on the continents of Tion, and none on the islands of the Shattered Sea. However, rumours are constantly spreading of strange, mutant humanoids seen skulking on the western shores of Tion. These strange creatures beach their craft, roam for a while before, seemingly for no reason at all, they return to their ships. Unfortunately, these reports are scattered and few and none of the inhabitants of the continent have managed to put
the puzzle together. Something exists beyond their shores, a place where goblinoids gather and like a seething swarm, they are drawing ever closer.

Giants: As with the Goblinoids, there are almost no known Giants on the continents of Tion.
However, a few, barbaric giants have been spotted from time to time, often during a fearsome attack on some coastal village. Giants seem like barbarians and have been known to shy away from
steel weapons, some of them feeing at the sight of a knight in fullplate armor polished to shine in the sun. Why the giants seem to fear steel is unknown, but one could assume that there is something in their background fuelling this fear. All giant corpses have been found branded with cruel frebrands, as if they were cattle, not humanoids. These giants that have been spotted also seemed unresponsive to communications in any of the known languages, only rarely stopping to look strangely at an individual before continuing their rampage.

Lycanthropes: On Tion, the frst lycanthropes appeared withing the last ten years and have since spread slowly through the continent. Those who know about these abominations seem to suspect a cabal of Ventrad Egoists and Psychic Warriors for having started the disease – or even for being
the frst lycanthropes. There are very few natural lycanthropes on Tion, most are afficted and they are unique indeed; when a lycanthrope strikes an area and begins its killing spree it rarely if ever leaves any survivors after having bitten them.
Due to their relative new presence on Tion , there are few scholars whom have put the puzzle together and understood that silver is the bane of lycanthropes or the infuence of the great moon.

Orcs: In the Age of Sorcery, the foul leaders of Ksaren used their tainted magic to twist the forms and shapes of all living creatures. The Orcs were created to be mindless slave-warriors
whom could be instructed, but lacked a will of their own or the mental tools to strive for freedom. When the Impact shattered the reign of the Sorcerer-Kings, these orcs were left without guidance. During the Age of Darkness, they roamed the lands of Tion, attacking villages and
people almost randomly, for they were bred only for war. They could grasp how to use weapons and complex strategies, but could not understand how to build a forge or even harvest their own food. This was bred into them, a lack they could never overcome, and for this reason they have always raided for most of what they need. Orcs can manage to scavenge for berries or kill a deer, even use clubs – but then these are the limits of their creativity. When there are too many orcs, they simply go to war for what they need. Today there are orc enclaves scattered all across Tion, although they are often small and nomadic to stay away from disciplined armies.

Undeath is unlike any other on the known. There are few “magically raised” undead such as zombies, liches or even vampires, although there are creatures that are somewhat like these. On Tion, undeath is called “The Black Plague” and is more akin to a disease than anything else. It begins when the echo of someone’s mind is caught in a location, who then transforms those who die there into foul and twisted revenants who hunt for the living. The more who die, the more powerful does the echo become until it takes physical form (Shar) and assumes control over its vassal creatures. This physical manifestation needs to consume the lifeforce of living creatures to maintain its existence, but it can choose to steal only some of the lifeforce and then breathe some of its own essence into such a living creature, making it half-dead and a complete slave to its will (ghûl).The following are approximations for monster:
zombie for the frst stage revenants, vampire lord for the Shar and ghouls for the ghûls. Assume that a vampire lord can control all zombies it can see and that ghouls can be destroyed with but a thought by their creating vampire lord.

The Tion Difference

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