Sagacious Society

The Sagacious Society is an organization dedicated to the acquisition of knowledge. Its members include scholars and researchers who seek to preserve, further, and share knowledge.

Location Founder’s Reach

Entrance Fee 50 gp
Entrance Check DC 17 Knowledge (any) or Linguistics check
Dues 100 gp/term
Term 1 season (13 weeks)

Advancement Check Knowledge (any) or Linguistics (DC 15 + ranks in skill)
Expulsion 3 consecutive failed advancement checks

Retrieve Knowledge (+1 Fame) Once per term, a member of the Sagacious Society can donate a repository of knowledge to gain Fame. This must be books and spellbooks worth a total of at least 1000 gp times the member’s current Fame level.
Contact (+1 Fame) Once per term, a member can add to the society’s knowledge by making contact with an outsider (such as through planar ally or planar binding) and asking it questions. Fame is only granted if the answers to meaningful questions are acquired.

Skill Aid (1 PP) You get the temporary assistance of another member, who gives you a +4 bonus on a single skill check. This cannot be used for a Day Job or Advancement roll.
Financial Aid (1 PP) You can skip paying your dues without penalty for 1 term.
Spell Transcription (varies) For 1 PP per spell level, you can have a spell of your choice either transcribed into your spellbook (for magi and wizards) or formula book (for alchemists), or taught to your familiar (for witches).
Spellcasting (varies) By paying the listed PP cost, you can have one of the listed spells cast for you at minimum CL.

  • 1 PP dispel magic, lesser restoration, make whole, remove blindness/deafness, remove curse, remove disease, remove paralysis
  • 2 PP atonement (8 PP to restore cleric/druid powers), break enchantment, greater dispel magic, neutralize poison, restoration (4 PP to remove permanent negative levels)
  • 3 PP regenerate
  • 16 PP greater restoration, raise dead
  • 32 PP resurrection
  • 77 PP true resurrection

Library Access (5 Fame) You have earned the right to research among the Society’s special collections and secure libraries. A day of research grants you a +2 circumstance bonus on any one Knowledge skill check.
Junior Sage (20 Fame) You are a junior sage, and may purchase potions, scrolls, and wands in Founder’s Reach at a 10% discount. In addition, it now takes 6 consecutive failed advancement checks for you to be expelled from the Society.
Sage’s Assistant (35 Fame) You assist a senior sage of your choice in her research. You are now specialized in Linguistics or a Knowledge skill of your choice, and you can recruit a student to aid you in research when you use the Society library, which increases the circumstance bonus you gain from Library Access to +4.
Expanded Research (35 Fame, 1 PP) Using the experience gained helping a senior sage with her research, you’ve begun some research of your own. You become specialized in Linguistics or a Knowledge skill of your choice.

Membership Status

Character Fame Failed Checks
Louie Solir 11 1
Norshar 7 1
Kisara 3 0
Thanquol 12 0

Sagacious Society

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