The group receive their adventurer licenses and meet another adventurer, Fennec. Frederick Burke takes them to Karin Koeffel’s shop to celebrate, but they find the shop under attack by demons. The group, along with Frederick and a swashbuckler named Starent, fight off the demons. Karin then contracts the group to figure out what’s going on. The turn up some promising leads, but then return to Karin’s home for a wonderfully cooked dinner. That night, Karin is kidnapped by Starent, who has been hired by Pavis. Sihona directs the group to the old abandoned mansion of Dorshak Krane, which is Pavis’s hideout. While fighting past the guards, the group confronts and subdues Starent, then kills Pavis and his demonic minions, rescuing Karin.



  • Goodmonth 14: The group gets their licenses and goes to Karin’s shop with Frederick. They defeat the demons and are hired by Karin. They begin their investigations and Karin makes dinner for the group.
  • Goodmonth 15: Karin is kidnapped in the early morning. The group finds Pavis’s hideout, defeats the guards, and kills Pavis, rescuing Karin.

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