In the world of Founder’s Reach, there are many races, though some are only available for NPCs.

Standard Races

Standard races can be played with no restrictions. These are the standard Core Rulebook races: Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Half Elf, Half Orc, Halfling, and Human. They can be found in some number in every nation in Ansalon.


The home of the Dwarves in Ansalon is Archendale, one of the dales of the Dalelands.


The elven nation of Cormanthor is the home of the elves.


Gnomes can be found pretty much everywhere, though the largest settlement of gnomes can be found in the Flinty Hills in Nyrond.


Half-elves are most populous in Deepingdale, one of the dales of the Dalelands that borders Cormanthor.


Half-orcs are most common in Harrowdale, one of the dales of the Dalelands, and southern Tenh.


Halflings can be found pretty much everywhere, but they are most numerous in Featherdale, one of the dales of the Dalelands, and Calimshan.


Humans are the dominant race of Ansalon, and they are the most numerous race in every nation except Cormanthor and the Mournlands.

Psionic Races

Some races from Psionics Unleashed are allowed. In particular, the Dromite, Elan, Half Giant, Maenad, and Xeph races are allowed, though with a couple changes:

  • The Psionic Aptitude racial trait of these races gives +1/6 of the Psionic Training feat (this puts it at the same power level as other racial favored class bonuses). This benefit is rounded down to the nearest power point, not to the nearest feat. For example, a character who has the Psionic Talent feat once already would get 3 power points from taking it again. Therefore, the favored class benefit from Psionic Aptitude would give +3/6 power points, so a level 3 character who has taken the benefit 3 times would get +1 power point (+1.5, rounded down). A character who has taken the Psionic Talent feat three times would get 5 power points from taking it again, so the benefit from Psionic Aptitude would give +5/6 power points (which, for a character who has taken the benefit three times, would be +2.5 power points, rounded down to +2).
  • A Half-giant does not get the Powerful Build racial trait, but can get it by taking the Powerful Build campaign trait.
  • A psionic race may only be taken if you take at least 1 level in a psionic class or at least 1 psionic feat at character creation.

Expanded Races

There are a few more races that are allowed, though playing as one requires taking the Exotic Race campaign trait.

  • Elementalkin races (ifrit, oread, sylph, and undine) – Your elemental ancestry has become diluted over the generations; instead of Outsider (native), your type is Humanoid (human, augmented outsider). You still possess darkvision as normal for your race.
  • Ratfolk (Bestiary 3)
  • Mongrelfolk (Races of Destiny) – This race is a bit different than the description in Races of Destiny. Mongrelfolk are a result of the experiments of Sewarndt Nehron, former Emperor of Nyrond. Sewarndt’s victims were left changed, appearing as a mutated combination of their original race and another race (this is in contrast to the smoothly-blended features of Half Elves, Half Orcs, and the like). When creating a mongrelfolk character, select two humanoid races. Your type is humanoid, and your subtypes are that of the selected races. In addition, you get a +2 bonus to any ability score, like a human, but the selected ability must be one that at least one of your selected races gets a bonus to. For example, a half-orc/kobold mongrelfolk would be of type Humanoid (human, kobold, orc) and could increase any ability, since half-orcs can increase any ability. An elf/halfling mongrelfolk would be of type Humanoid (elf, halfling), and could only increase Dex, Int, or Cha. Regardless of the component races, a mongrelfolk is always Medium size.


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