The Prefects are those people who have sworn to protect Founder’s Reach. They serve as guards, firemen, healers, and any other role that is needed. Though active adventurers rarely become core members of the Prefects, some adventurers still dedicate themselves to the protection of the city. These people join the Prefects’ Adventurer Reserve, donating part of their time in service to the city.

Location Grand Prefecture, Founder’s Reach

Entrance Fee none
Dues 3 weeks of service per term
Term 1 season (13 weeks)

Advancement Check Profession (soldier) (DC 15 + ranks in skill)
Expulsion N/A

Adventurer Prefect (0 Fame) You are a member of the Prefects’ Adventurer Reserve. You receive free low lifestyle in Founder’s Reach (you live in the barracks). You are still able to find alternate housing elsewhere if you choose.
Skill Aid (1 PP) You get the temporary assistance of another member, who gives you a +4 bonus on a single skill check. This cannot be used for a Day Job or Advancement roll.
Spellcasting (varies) By paying the listed PP cost, you can have one of the listed spells cast for you at minimum CL.

  • 1 PP cure moderate wounds, dispel magic, lesser restoration, make whole, remove blindness/deafness, remove curse, remove disease, remove paralysis
  • 2 PP break enchantment, greater dispel magic, neutralize poison, restoration (4 PP to remove permanent negative levels)
  • 3 PP heal, regenerate
  • 16 PP greater restoration, raise dead
  • 32 PP resurrection
  • 77 PP true resurrection

Prefect Training (5 Fame) Due to your Prefect training, you become specialized in Profession (soldier).
Lieutenant (20 Fame) You gain the rank of lieutenant in the Prefects. Because of your rank, your Expanded Markets award (from being a Licensed Adventurer) is increased by 1 rank when purchasing weapons, armor, shields, cloaks of resistance, rings of protection, and bracers of armor.

Membership Status

Character Fame
Ruko Shinigami 18


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