Past Debts


A letter from Frederick Burke directs the Irregulars to help a merchant in Founder’s Reach named Jorem Kesserem. Apparently, Jorem’s great-grandfather had sold the soul of his grandson’s grandson to a devil named Hassirak the Tempter. When Jorem’s son was born, Hassirak came to collect on the debt. However, Hassirak agreed to release his claim on the boy’s soul in exchange for an evil intelligent greataxe called Souleater. Jorem hired the Irregulars to retrieve the axe, so they went off to the Cairn Hills in search of a hidden temple of Mayaheine, where the axe is kept. After stopping at the Still the Last Chance Inn, they continued through a cave to a beautiful valley. Upon fighting through the valley’s defenders, they entered the temple and encountered the axe’s guardian, a hound archon paladin named Rasimu. Kenshiro challenged Rasimu to a duel for the axe, which the paladin won. The group then decided to take a contract back to Jorem, which would pledge his son’s life to Mayaheine. Since Hassirak wanted the child’s soul because he was young and pure, the contract dispute would keep the boy safe long enough for him to become impure. The Irregulars then returned to Founder’s Reach, had Jorem sign the contract, and fought one of Hassirak’s devil minions. Afterward, Kenshiro left the party to train with Rasimu.


  • Patchwall 11: The Irregulars meet Jorem, then leave the city.
  • Patchwall 12: The Irregulars arrive at the Still the Last Chance Inn and meet a couple clerics.
  • Patchwall 14: The Irregulars arrive at the hidden valley, reach the temple of Mayaheine, duel Rasimu, and work out a new contract.
  • Patchwall 17: The Irregulars return to Founder’s Reach and fight one of Hassirak’s minions.

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Past Debts

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