These rules are adapted from the organization rules from Inner Sea Magic and the Pathfinder Society Field Guide.

Joining an Organization

In order to join an organization, a character must pay an entrance fee and/or pass an entrance exam by successfully making a skill check, as determined by the organization. Two attempts to enter an organization can be made per terms (a length of time that varies according to each organization). Once a character has joined, he must pay dues to remain in the organization. Some organizations reduce or waive dues once a member’s Fame score reaches a high enough point that he gains the option to join the organization’s staff. These costs, skills, and Fame score requirements vary per organization.

Advancing in an Organization

When you gain Fame with an organization, you also gain an equal amount of Prestige Points. Fame is permanent, and it determines your rank in an organization, as well as some benefits. A low Fame score indicates you’re a new or a struggling member, while a particularly high one could mean you actually becomes staff for the organization or are a favored alumnus. Prestige Points are spent to get other benefits, especially temporary benefits. Once spent, Prestige Points never recover (though more can be gained by gaining more Fame).

Each organization has different ways to increase Fame. The two primary methods are by advancement rolls and tasks. Some organizations allow both methods of advancement, while some only allow one.

To increase your Fame score with an advancement roll, you must make an Advancement check (a skill check with a DC to be determined by the organization, usually 15 + your current ranks in that skill). Success on this roll increases a character’s Fame by +1. An advancement roll can (and often times must) be made once per term. Some organizations may punish or even expel a member for failing too many consecutive advancement rolls. In addition, whenever a member gains half a level, that member may choose to make an additional advancement roll – though making this additional roll requires an additional payment of dues.

For organizations that use tasks, the tasks will be described on the organization’s page.

Benefits of Membership

A character’s Fame score represents his status within his organization. For every 10 points of Fame, a member gains a cumulative +1 bonus on Diplomacy checks made against members of that organization. A member’s Prestige Points (PP) reflect the goodwill, grants, and personal favors built up during his membership. These points, when spent, are spent permanently. Each specific organization lists the awards that are available for members. Fame is not expended—when a reward lists only a required Fame score, a member receives the reward upon reaching that level of Fame. Members may not spend Prestige Points during combat, and must spend them while at the organization’s headquarters or otherwise able to contact its representatives. Members may not pool Prestige Points to obtain more expensive rewards, but they may spend Prestige Points even if they are dead, petrified, or otherwise out of commission. This represents the member having made prior arrangements with his organization to perform certain actions on his behalf, such as recovering his dead body and returning it to a specific location or having it raised from the dead. In this event, the member’s actual location does not impact the Prestige Point cost at all.

Skill Specialization

Many of the prestige awards and recognitions that organization members purchase allow a character to become specialized in a skill. When a PC becomes specialized in a skill, that skill immediately becomes a class skill for him. If the member gains that skill as a class skill from any other source (before or after purchasing the prestige resource), he gains a +1 competence bonus on those skill checks.

Gifted Items

Some prestige awards involve an organization gifting an item to you. You can get no more than one gifted item per in-game week (no matter how many organizations you belong to). Also, a gifted item is worth 0 gp and cannot be sold.

Leaving an Organization

A member can leave his organization at any time by simply alerting his superiors at the organization. If a member fails to pay dues, or performs some act that scandalizes or otherwise harms the organization’s reputation (based on the GM’s interpretation of the act), he is expelled from the organization and his Fame score and Prestige Points are both reduced by 2d6. Failing too many consecutive advancement rolls may also result in expulsion. Once a member leaves an organization, he can no longer spend Prestige Points on that organization’s benefits. If he was expelled, he might even lose access to some of the advantages and boons he had already acquired from the organization, at the GM’s discretion. A student can return to an organization he left voluntarily by paying the entrance fee again. A member who was expelled must also make a Diplomacy check (DC = 20 + the student’s current Fame score) to get back into the organization. This Diplomacy check can be attempted once per year.


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