Nimotei tribe

Capital: None
Population: 45% xeph, 45% humans, 6% jettur, 3% dromites, 1% others
Government: Village councils
Imports: Timber, worked metal (tools, weapons)
Exports: Adamantine, meat, furs, crystal


The predominantly human and xeph villages and lands of the Broken Hollow are collectively referred to as Nimotei or the Nimotei tribes. Each village is an autonomous government. Nimotei as a whole actually encompasses the Broken Hollow, a giant rift between the northern and central regions of Tion, as well as portions of the land around the Broken Hollow to the north and south of the great rift. Each village is the home of a small tribe, who govern themselves, set their own laws and sometimes even make war with other villages. However, confict within Broken Hollow is rare since there is no competition for resources, their numbers are simply too few.

Nimotei are wanderers and even though they have a home at Broken Hollow, one can fnd their scouts working with almost any other culture, their messengers having traversed the entirety of Tion on foot. Although technologically primitive, they are the one culture with the best grasp of the geography, cultures and secrets of Tion. They have a strong oral culture and their wordbearers are treasured messengers everywhere on Tion, giving them much respect. A Nimotei wearing the symbolic white sash of the messenger has free passage from the Vintaren Ice Clans in the north to the Alyrian Empire in the south.

Nimotei healers are the most advanced on all of Tion, being capable of healing open wounds, diseases and poisons with the help of herbs and their ritualized healing massages. The Ice Clans sometimes raid specifcally to find healers so that they can bolster the ranks of their slaves and strengthen their clan as an entity. The Nimotei do not keep their healing knowledge hidden or secret, rather the opposite as they invite others to learn from them. To many outsiders, however, the Nimotei way of thinking and how it relates to their healing is hard to grasp and understand, which makes most non-Nimotei less adept learners. To the Nimotei, their healing is tied to their philosophy, both which are gained from early childhood and are as easy to accept as breathing is to the living.

Major Geographic Features

The Broken Hollow is a gargantuan rift in the continental plate, reaching almost the entire width
of the continent all the way to the west where it joins the Spearclaw Mountains at the Giants Cave. Giants Cave is a large crater in the side of the mountains and legend claims this was the birthplace of the xeph as a race and the entire area is studded with deep crystal and adamantine ore, although this is generally used for ceremonial purposes by the Nimotei. The adamantine that is most prevalent can however be found throughout the rift, and the Nimotei carefully remove it and trade it to others who can forge it into weapons, armor and jewelry.

Broken Hollow is about 250 feet deep in general and it is close to impossible to climb the steep cliffs. The Nimotei however are born and raised inside Broken Hollow and know their way around it, from small paths to secret stairs that are gorged into the very rock itself. The many smaller
rivers that exit in waterfalls into Broken Hollow, these rivers are heated during the summertime creating a form of heat-battery that keeps the area warm during the winters. The warm pools and lakes at the bottom of the rift never freeze over, keeping the temperature higher than above the rift, while at the same time providing easy access to both fish and water. During the hot summers, the area is signifcantly cooler than the sweltering heat at the Winnu Plains, something that the Nimotei appreciate. The bottom area of the Broken Hollow is a series of shallow lakes, since many tributaries empty into the rift. Here small schools of fish swim and the Nimotei use it to gather water. All water is common property, and the Nimotei forbid building artifcial dams to pool water. Water is somewhat rare in the rift, which means that most villages are situated near to smaller ponds, waterfalls, rivers or natural gorges where the water pools after rainfall.

A few villages are built into the Hollow’s walls, where they have burrowed deep enough to be able to collect dripping water into large stone barrels. For this reason, pottery and barrel making are some of the most important and esteemed skills a young Nimotei can learn, and the jars, pots and barrels these craftsmen create are an important asset to the village.

Important Sites

Crystal Caves – A wonder of nature all by itself, in the side of Broken Hollow there is a large cavern, named Crystal Caves, flled with a multitude of crystals and gems, countless and priceless. These refect sunlight and even moonlight to such a degree that the cavern is always ablaze with light, providing a compass during the night for nimotei travelers. It is revered as a place that quiets the mind, a place where one can go to be completely alone with one’s feelings and thoughts. Sommaran Flowfnders who have heard of the cave seem scared by the prospect though,
claiming that by its tales alone, it sounds as if Flow does not enter there. The Nimotei feel that the Sommaran can be somewhat fearful for no good reason, but do acknowledge the fact that nothing grows inside the cavern.

Skull Pass – At the east of the Nimotei lands, where the rift rises towards the coast and becomes easily accessible for other, less experienced travelers, the Nimotei have a large camp open to all villagers. Here, where their world intersects with that of the World Above and their cultures, the Nimotei gather primarily to trade, but also to defend their homelands. For this reason the Nimotei adorn the entrance to Broken Hollow with countless bison skulls as a warning sign. This threatening warning has given the area its ominous name – Skull Pass – and all Nimotei who come there, regardless of their home village, are required to carry weapons and fight to defend it should someone try to attack. However, attacks are rare, the last one happened almost a decade ago when the Black Fist Iceclan came down from the north due to starvation and attacked Skull Pass, throwing their entire clan behind the attack. Hundreds died during that battle and it wasn’t before the Nimotei retreated deeper into the rift and received support from local villagers that they managed to repel the invaders.

Nimotei tribe

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