Maquoran Fleet

Maquoran Fleet

Capital: Seng Modig
Population: 85% maenad, 10% dromite, 5% other
Government: Autocratic council
Imports: Wood, spices, bows & crossbows, livestock
Exports: Maquoran adamantine, salt, iron ore, worked steel, maps


Today the Maquorans are explorers, raiders, merchants and sailors extraordinaire. No other nation or culture knows as much about the world as they do, both culturally and geographically. They have set foot upon both Tion and Femon, they have explored the Impact Crater and they have traded with everyone from Luxans to the jettur of Tion. They have burnt or sunken all ships that have tried to sail into what they consider their waters and they raid settlements from time to time. To understand the Maquoran culture, one must understand that it is a fleet first and
foremost and a nation second.
Each captain commands his ship, which is his and his alone. No-one can claim lordship over a captain, even if co-operation between captains are common, none lords over the others. A captain can choose to be a merchant or explorer, a mercenary or a reaver – it is a personal choice which others have no say about. Each island has a steward, essentially a land-bound captain, who takes care of his island and makes sure it prospers. Each captain or steward has a number of freemen (a collective name for both men and women) under his flag who answers to him. On islands these tend to be sheepherders, weaponsmiths and armorsmiths and other craftsmen. On the ships they tend to be reavers, sailors, medics and carpenters. There are two things that are of major importance to the Maquorans; the first is to keep others away from their home islands, and the second is to keep the things inside the Impact Crater from getting out. Both are the reasons that the Maquorans hunt down deep-sea going vessels capable of reaching either their islands or the Crater. Even if some might not prove a direct threat to the home islands, they might stumble upon one of the forbidden isles where the aberrant creatures who crawled out of the Impact Crater breed and spread their foulness. Should they do this, the Maquorans are sure that this taint will spread and become uncontrollable, turning the entire planet into a breeding ground for the foul aberrations.

Major Geographic Features

Andetti – The most populous and largest island of the Maquoran Fleet, Andetti is the historical name of the island. Presently, the island is typically referred to by the name of the city that covers it, Seng Modig. With a variety of smaller islands within a short sail, Andetti sits as a cultural center for the Maquoran society, giving its residents enough room to have a true centrally-located base of operations. Because the entire island is covered by the city of Seng Modig, the residents must rely upon harvesting food from the sea or other islands to survive and, as a result, any reckless or malicious activities that impair sailing are dealt with in a severe fashion.

Ahrimiyang – Nearly as large in size as the island of Andetti, the island of Ahrimiyang is the largest of the Heart Islands and is blanketed with trees. The trees of the island are revered by the Maquorans, viewed as being planted by the godmind Maquora specifcally for the maenad race to use to build the ships used to control the seas. Harvesting the lumber of Ahrimiyang is strictly controlled by the Admiral’s Council and heavy deforestation or unsanctioned harvesting of the trees is not tolerated. Those caught performing such activities are stripped of all possessions
and returned to the sea, usually two or three days’ swim from any island. Because the harvesting of the forest is so heavily regulated, the Maquorans must still import a large amount of lumber for building.

Shattered Sea – The entirety of the Maquoran Fleet resides within the waters of the Shattered Sea, the saltwater ocean that separates the Impact Islands and the two parts of Tion from each other. Bountiful, the Shattered Sea supplies a wide variety of resources for the Maquorans, including food in the form of fish and other aquatic animals, kelp which is used as rope or for a variety of other uses including medicinal, and especially defense from outsiders, as the Maquorans are the most advanced society in the way of naval technology.

Important Locations

Seng Modig – After Admiral Tamrio united the maenad race, they began settling the island Andetti, expanding further and further, until the space on the island was virtually covered. Over time, the buildings and establishments grew up and over each other without room to grow outward,until eventually, the entire city of Seng Modig became a collection of buildings upon buildings, connected via rope bridges and ladders. With their oceanic background, the Maquorans themselves have no qualms with this style of architecture, but those few outsiders permitted to entire the city tend to fnd it quite disconcerting to walk on a swinging rope bridge, forty feet above the ground without anything to stop a fall.

Maquoran Fleet

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