Mad God's Key


The Irregulars are hired by Theldrat Meldorp, a locksmith, to retrieve a stolen family heirloom – a key. They track down the thief, a half-orc in Barge End named Irontusk. After catching and interrogating Irontusk, they learn that he sole the key for the Green Dagger Gang, a group of criminals hiding out in an old merchant house on the edge of the High Market. The Irregulars then went to the Green Dagger hideout, fought their way through the gang, and confronted & killed the gang’s leader. Apparently, a cleric of Vecna, disguised as a cleric of Wee Jas, had infected the gang with a disease, then offered to provide a “cure” in exchange for the key. The Irregulars then traveled into the Cairn Hills, to the Tomb of Blood Everflowing, where they encountered a cult of Vecna and retrieved the key.


  • Harvester 26: The Irregulars are hired by Theldrat, track down and interrogate Irontusk, and clear out the hideout of the Green Dagger Gang.
  • Harvester 27: The Irregulars leave Founder’s Reach.
  • Harvester 28: The Irregulars arrive at the Tomb of Blood Everflowing, fight past the undead guardians, defeat some clerics of Vecna, and retrieve the key.
  • Harvester 29: The Irregulars return to Founder’s Reach and deliver the key to Theldrat.

Groups/NPCs appearing in this story:

Mad God's Key

Founder's Reach Poit