Capital: Luxor
Population: 61% human, 22% maenad, 8% dwarves, 7% adonai, 2% others
Government: Oligarchy (guilds)
Imports: Timber, Stone, Ore, Meat, Wine
Exports: Fish, Spice, refned products

Luxor is a powerful city-state, mostly because it controls almost all trade between the Maquoran Fleet and the rest of Femon, including the Barony of Soleil, the Ventrad Tribes, and to some extent the south. The Maquoran Fleet has access to almost any exotic goods as well as being the most fexible and fast way of travel and communication in Tion. Maquorans make most of the armor and weaponry used by the more advanced cultures on Femon, allowing Luxor a stranglehold on ore, weapons and armor of the highest quality, especially the Maquoran Adamantine, which only they can provide.

Luxor is a large city, defended by large stone walls as it cradles the Luminous Bay, its many piers and harbors retaining a large fshing feet. It is constantly bustling with activity as the Merchants Guild interacts with the Sailors Guild and the Fishermen’s Guild on the large mercantile squares. The city is policed and defended by the Militant Guild whose carmine cloaks are a symbol of peace and stability, as well as ferce oppression for those who object to the Guilds leadership. Smiths, jewelers, spice traders, leatherworkers, seamstresses, massage parlors and the great fghting schools all litter the city, where simple materials are transformed into objects of beauty and refnement. The fighting schools transform soldiers into elites and provide a place where the Guildsmen from the city and nobles from surrounding areas can train in the arts of warfare and refined fghting.

Outside the great stone walls, smaller villages dot the landscape, providing grain to support the powerful coastal city, but enjoying few of the benefts Luxor provides its city-dwelling citizens. Peasants are important, but they have no representation in the form of a guild, no protection by the Militant Guild and their only strength is the fact that they provide valuable food to the city, ensuring that they get at least a part of the wealth from Luxor.

Luxor has long been in confict with the Barony of Soleil, from the inception of Luxor as an independent city-state, there has been border skirmishes, outright attacks and hostile diplomacy between them. Luxor’s Militant Guild is often deployed to guard the border, but at the same time the Swords Guild who oversees the fghting schools are open to Soleil citizens that pay the entry fee. This has lead to more than one inter-Guild confict with open fighting on the streets between Swordguilders and the Carmines. The Barony nobility is one of the most important clients to the fighting schools, and the Swords Guild will not brook any actions done to interrupt business unless outright war is declared.

Major Geographic Features

Luxor is situated along the northern coast of Tion, at the Luminous Bay where fishing is plentiful and the sea is calm. Here the waters are almost always full with Maquoran trading vessels and fshing boats that sail night and day. Two rivers (Reek River and Shallow Ford) snake
from the Crystalshard Mountains and form the eastern and western borders of the area controlled by Luxor, both emptying into the Luminous Bay at each side of the large city. Villagers living between the Reek River and Shallow Ford work these fertile lands, and are seen as proper Luxans. Most of these villagers trade only with the city proper, although some intra-village trading does occur.
To the east you fnd the large Redwood Forest which together with the Reek River acts as a natural border with the large and powerful Barony of Soleil. The forest is divided into two by Reek River and many hunters roam the lush forest which is home to countless animals, some more dangerous than others.
Reek River’s deep waters allow for ships to traverse it, most often dwarven miners transporting ore from the southern Crystalshards and Darkling Swamp to either Luxor or the Barony. Some Maquorans make it up the river when raiding, although lately this has diminished as more and more Maquorans are hired by the Guilds.
The area west of Shallow Ford, called Feymans Land, is generally seen as lawless land, its wild forests being home to many of the solitary orcans. They defend their independence and hunting grounds fercely, often leaving the corpses of wayward hunters on the beaches for the Luxans to pick up. Luxor tried incorporating the area into its sphere of infuence before, but after being
beaten back repeatedly by vicious guerilla tactics, they’ve left Feymans Land to the orcans.
The Crystalshard Mountains and the Darkling Swamp are home to many dwarven settlements, offcially
being part of the Luxan lands but paying no taxes and heeding no laws issued from Luxor. The dwarves are independent miners and their regular ore-barges are important for the economy of Luxor, which means that no-one contests their free-spirited way of life.
Reek River takes its name from Darkling Swamp, through which the river runs, bringing with it swamp water and a foul smell where it pools.

Important Sites

The Merchant’s Square – Located right by the central piers is the most important trading area in all of Luxor, The Merchant’s Square, where the fnest goods are sold and bought, guards hired for merchant caravans and the most expensive services can be found. This place is bustling night and day with activity, traders changing places as they come and go, the taverns always being open for customers. Here people can fnd almost anything, if they are ready to pay the price for it. Brothels openly invite customers to enjoy the pleasures they offer inside, while warriors from the Militant Guild are ready for transporting goods across dangerous country should it be needed.

Fish Market – The second most important area in Luxor is Fish Market, so called because all the fshermen come here to sell their catch. It is also the area where all farmers come to sell grain and is thus the hub for all that relates to food, from meat to bread as well as restaurants offering varied gourmet food to travelers from across Tion. Many restaurants here are in competition from each other and it wouldn’t be the frst time that a frst rate restaurant finds
its master chef strangled in an alley. If Merchants Square is where adventurers go to have a good time, Fish Market is the place for gourmets and those who value good food. The smell of bakeries blend with that of raw fsh and gourmet meals being prepared, offering newcomers a devastating barrage of smells and sights. Most restaurants also offer entertainment in the form of singers, skalds and jugglers.

The Arena – The fighting schools of Luxor, renowned for their mastery of armed and unarmed combat styles, are found around the Arena. The Arena was founded to entertain the people and has grown to be both entertainment and vicious training for the fghting schools. Here warriors will
fght beasts, both animal and monster for the entertainment of the paying public, gladiators face each other in bloody combat or even large scale battles being staged. Duels are popular events, but expensive since there are only a limited amount of seats available to see such a small-scale battle, while larger group battles often fll the entire Arena.
The fghting schools are placed around the Arena and they take heavy fees for sharing the secrets of steel and fist. Many fighters are proud of their abilities and often enjoy friendly ‘first blood’ duels in the smaller squares that dot the area. The best armorers and smiths are found here too, providing both schools and the Arena with high quality weapons, implements and armor.


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