Capital: Monterre
Population: 99% elan, 1% other
Government: Autocratic – Council of elders
Imports: People
Exports: None


The elans of Ksaren are a singular culture in that all members of the race belong to the culture, and only elans are citizens. Unlike other nations, cities, or governments, the elan society is only elans – other races are not permitted except candidates for transformation. Due to the unique nature of the elans – that of being created, rather than born – this creates a unique perspective for the race. Requiring the other races as a means of reproducing, the elan society stays close to the other civilized areas, but does so in a subtle fashion, keeping their presence masked and hidden from the other societies, for fear not only of persecution, but that they will be assaulted by those they consider unworthy seeking the elan transformation.

As a culture, elans view themselves as superior to the other races, viewing the lesser races as incomplete. Over time, this view has turned into a belief that the inferior races need to be systematically transformed or purged, leaving only “complete” elans to inhabit the world, and a small, controlled group of lesser races kept to supply new candidates for transformation. This belief runs from a good-willed, if misguided, aspect of “helping” the lesser races evolve, to the cruel view of eliminating those not worth living, and is collectively referred to as the Vision.

While it is not known specifcally when the elan culture formed, it is believed to have been in the last few centuries that their formal organization has occurred, as well as the exponential expansion efforts that have taken place.

Major Geographic Features

Through their control of psionic power, the elans have managed to hide their villages from the prying eyes of passersby by bending light to mask the presence, or altering perception to believe where a village exists is actually a chasm, swamp, or desert. Nestled between the areas controlled by Alyria and Feria, elan-controlled land has been slowing expanding as their numbers grow.

Vision Cavern – It is claimed in elan lore that the first elan performed his studies and discovered the secrets for the elan transformation in what is now known as Vision Cavern, a large underground grotto. This underground location has a small, naturally formed pool of water that contains trace amounts of psionic energy, which is proved by those using detect psionics within he confnes of the cavern. Embedded within the rock walls of Vision Cavern are a multitude of crystals, which glow at random intervals, supposedly from latent psionic energy. It is said by many elans that meditating within Vision Cavern can grant insight into the future, showing a possible course of action and the results of the decisions made. If the cavern itself is the reason for this vision or if it is simply the individual’s own psionic ability manifesting itself has been debated for centuries.

Important Sites

The Chamber – Although each elan community has its own chamber to transform a candidate into an elan, at the heart of elan society, there is The Chamber, that transformation chamber used since the discovery of the process to create elan. The Chamber is used for special occasions, such as funeral rites for an elan that dies in pursuit of the Vision, or the transformation of a candidate whose retrieval was extremely diffcult.

Monterre – The island-city of Monterre serves as the capital of the elan nation, as well as a refuge point for the race should their location on K’saren be discovered. Painstakingly built over centuries, Monterre is an island in the Dreamscape, created of dreamstuff and fortifed by the psionic might of the combined elan population to protect against any other creatures in the dreamscape. Due to the mutable nature of the Dreamscape, Monterre grows as the needs of the elans change, although the structures themselves stay a constant to give the citizens a sense of stability. Those talented in manipulating dreamstuff are tasked with creating new structures when needed, as well as ensuring the upkeep of the existing city. Travel to and from Monterre is only possible by those capable of physically traveling to the Dreamscape, or through a handful of specially-trained transporters, elans who have spent months attuning their minds to Monterre and can shift a sleeping being into the Dreamscape. At the center of Monterre is the Spire of Truth, the initial tower built in the Dreamscape that acts as an anchor, helping to secure the rest of the city to allow the dreamwrights time to perform other tasks.


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