Capital: None; see below
Population: 51% human, 16% dwarf, 13% adonai, 10% dromite, 5% [[chimairans], 5% other
Government: Varies; see below
Imports: Steel, wine, spices
Exports: Obsidian, lumber

More a conglomerate of cities, duchies, and other smaller governments, Liburia is not a unifed nation. Established by successfully seceding from the Alyrian Empire, Liburia has backed each other when attempts have been made to force any under the control of one of the nearby nations,
Alyria in particular. The entities that make up Liburia are: the Duchy of Rel and the city-states of Janrol, Saraad, Saraven, and Paren, along with a variety of villages and towns that enjoy the protection of these governments by nature of being in proximity and regularly trading with the cities or duchy.

Over the course of the history of Liburia, there have been a myriad of attempts to consolidate the region under a single banner; all such attempts have failed for various reasons. Initially, the attempts by the cities to group together for protection were stalled by a failure by the sides to agree who would rule, with each city’s leadership feeling they were most qualifed for the job. Later, when discussions started of a council method of combined rule, the plan was thwarted by conquest from Alyria, particularly when Saraad was assaulted and Janrol failed to aid its former ally. Currently, Liburia enjoy their independence and any discussion of unifcation is rebuffed.

Major Geographic Features

Draunlin Desert – Although not offcially under the control of any of Liburia, the location of the collective entities puts the Draunlin Desert well within the sphere of infuence of Liburia. While much of the desert is uninhabited and wild, there are several known travel routes through it, and reports regularly exist of intelligent mantis-like creatures. There is also said to be a mining settlement within the Draunlin Desert, although such reports have neither been confrmed, nor denied.

Mount Rameresh – The largest known active volcano on Femon, Mount Rameresh’s lava flows give Liburia one of their key exports: obsidian. Providing ornamental jewelry, as well as some of the sharpest blades found on the continent, Mount Rameresh is closely guarded by the Duchy of Rel, although the other cities of Liburia are allowed to harvest the obsidian from lava flows that Rel is not actively working.

Blueridge Woods – Named for the blue tinge of the stones within, the Blueridge Woods are a large forest that supplies Liburia with all the lumber it needs and enough to export, as well. Due to presumed psionic energy, the forest grows at an incredible rate, minimizing deforestation despite the constant felling of trees.

Important Sites

Janrol – The oldest city of Liburia, Janrol is ruled by a magistrate chosen by the heads of the city. The city boasts one of the few major libraries outside of Alyria. The library was established after the annexation of Janrol into the Alyrian Empire.

Saraad – Prior to being conquered by Alyria, it was strongly believed that Janrol and Saraad had planned to enter a formal alliance, joining into a small sovereign nation. However, when Saraad was assaulted by Alyria and Janrol did not march to aid the nearby city, all plans for an alliance were dashed.

Saraven – The only major independent city of Liburia that has allowed the Duchy of Rel to have a military presence, Saraven is afforded a level of safety by Rel’s support that has allowed the city to prosper in the past few years. Originally a logging town near the Blueridge Woods, Saraven has grown into a prosperous city, although its origins are obvious from the rustic wooden architecture.

Paren – Situated on the north bank of the Elblis River, the city of Paren is the largest of the four cities that comprise Liburia, and is second only to Rel’s capital city, Noor, in size. Due to rich farmland, ready access to shipping via the Elblis River, and a relatively safe surrounding geography, Paren’s population has not had to deal with the more monstrous residents of Tion, allowing its growth to continue. Because of this, residents of the other parts of Liburia will move to Paren, seeking a safer life, which has in recent years resulted in a population that is starting to struggle with too many workers and not enough work. Although it is the second largest city in Liburia, Paren’s population per capita is also the poorest.

Noor – the capital city of the Duchy of Rel, Noor is the home to the Duke of Rel and the most fortifed structure of Liburia. During the rapid expansion of the Alyrian Empire, Rel was able to hold out longer than the other nearby cities due in large part to the defensive capabilities of Noor. With psionically-reinforced walls, power-refecting defenses that can be activated, and more mundane defenses such as its location straddling the only passage through a small mountain range, Noor was able to rebuff the assaults of Alyria for several years before finally succumbing to the more sophisticated manifesters of Alyria and their significantly larger army.


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