kingdom of the silver sands

Konurvan, the kingdom of the silver sands
Capital: Niro
Population: 50% Human,49% Kobold, 1% Other.
Government: Current: Draconic Dictatorship; Historically- Divine Rule of kings.
Imports: Metals, Masonry, cloth, timber, coal.
Exports: Extraplanar transmuted materials, gemstones, glass, other finished goods


Konurvan, the kingdom of the Silver Sands, is the only major kingdom in the bright lands, well to the south of the city of Founders Reach. The kingdom maintains control of the surrounding lands by controlling all the major water sources in the bright lands. It is know for it’s literal silver sands, created when on of the frequent planar breaches infuse the sand with positive energy. This sand is valuable for it’s healing properties, and well as a component in potions of healing. It is however, dangerous to harvest, as those who grow to healthy in the sands have the unpleasant side effect of exploding, not to mention extraplanar critters that come through the breach. Planar breaches to the other positive alined elemental planes are also common, creating haunting and valuble locations scatter though the desert.

Recently, the kingdom has fallen to the minions of the Blue Dragon Kruziikrojun and the rest of his family, who was able to unite the nomadic desert kobolds of the Bright lands, and use them as agents to weaken the kingdom, followed by a Coup d’état, lead by treason human forces and supported by kobold skirmishers. The loyal guards were eliminated to a man, and the entire royal family was believed killed.

Life and society

The current rulers are vary racist toward the “scaleless”
Taboos – Viewing of the royal family’s physical form is forbidden

Major features

Planar Breaches – For unknown reasons, the barrier between the positive inner planes, The planes of Positive energy, Minerals, steam, lightning, and radiance, and the bright lands is very thin, allowing some planar breaches to occur, overlaying the prime material with the qualities of the inner plane. Materials altered by these ruptures in reality is one the major exports of the kingdom, however, gathering them is hazardous, not only because of the inhospitable nature of the inner planes, but due to the creatures that wander through some of the major breaches. Still, it is one of the few places in the world where you can wander over a sand dune, picking gemstones out of the sand.

The Great River – Emerging from the grand geyser under Niro, the Great river is the only permanent flowing water in all the bright lands. Averaging out at about a mile across, it’s mineral rich water is what allows the kingdom to thrive. The River itself flows nearly one thousand miles from Niro, all the way to sea, forming the backbone, and main trading route for the kingdom, along with most of it’s military might.

Major Cities

Niro- The Capital of the kingdom, Niro is a city of wonders. Build on and into a huge landmass, lifted approxamply 300 feet out of a valley, by a massive steam geyser, emerging out of rift into the Quasi-elemental plane of steam. The landmass itself contains several wandering, but seeming permanent breach to the quasi-elemntal plane of mineral, lancing it with new materials as fast the gyser erodes the rock. The clever inhabitants of Niro have mined the city for gemstones, and use abandoned veins to capture steam, which is then used to power machinery throughout the city. Some is condensed to provide water. The city itself sprawls onto and into the surrounding cliffs, and in the vally below, the terminal rain feeds the Great River, where most of the crops for the kingdom are grown. On the rock itself stands the royal place, and the assorted bits need to run the kingdom, in addion to housing most of the army. The rock is linked to the city surrounding cliffs by three fixed dimensional doorways, taking advantage of the thinness of the planar barriers. This provides ideal defensive fixture.

Riverset- At the end of the great river, where it splits into a salt water delta, is Riverset (Lit: End of the great river). The City serves a major trading hub, where the goods forged and gathering the rest of the kingdom are traded for the metals and woods the rest of the world can provide. Riverset sprawls across the tributaries, interlaced with dug out canals, and it’s buildings balanced among the roots and branchs of the great mangrove trees.



When people think of a kingdom of sands, the last thing they think of is a strong navy. In the kingdom, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The Celestial Navy is the backbone of the kingdom’s military, providing both dominance of the only major water source, and both rapid and safe transport for soldiers. The army consists mostly of lightly armored and highly mobile infantry, who are also cross-trained for shipboard operations. The kingdom cavalry consist mostly of scouts on camelback, and a few units of chariots, reserved for officers, and mobile archers.

Important NPCs

kingdom of the silver sands

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