Key to the Grave


Upon returning to Founder’s Reach, the Irregulars are given no time to rest. A previous employer, Theldrat Meldorp, has tracked down a member of the cult of Vecna – the same cult who stole Theldrat’s key. They find ritual components and a small shrine to Vecna in one of the guest rooms of the Broken Staff. Over the next three days, they track down and slay Lord Kolta, a follower of Vecna who turned himself into a vampire.


  • Ready’reat 11: The Irregulars go with Theldrat to the Broken Staff, and begin questioning people throughout the neighborhood
  • Ready’reat 12: The Irregulars fight a wraith raised by Lord Kolta, then save the local sage from a swarm of rats
  • Ready’reat 13: The Irregulars confront and slay Lord Kolta

Groups/NPCs appearing in this story:

Key to the Grave

Founder's Reach Poit