The Irregulars are a group of adventurers working out of Founder’s Reach.

The current membership of the Irregulars is:

Former members include:

  • Kenshiro (left to train with Rasimu)
  • Shira Blackhand (failed a sanity check and mysteriously left)

You guys don’t get any specific benefits from being an “official” group, other than the possibility of being considered for more jobs because you work together regularly.


Here is a map of the Irregulars’ hideout, as it was when used as the hideout for the Green Dagger Gang.

G1: Front Door
G2: Covered Stables
G3: Entry Hall
G4: Kennel
G5: Guard Chamber
G6: Empty Room
G7: Mess Hall
G8: Kitchen
G9: Barracks
G10: Guard Chamber
G11: Storage Room
G12: Privy
G13: Grand Staircase
G14: Hallway
G15: Closet
G16: Planning Room
G17: Bedroom
G18: Rooftop Walkway
G19: Chamber of Veils
G20: Waiting Room
G21: Throne Room & Arcane Laboratory

With Norshar’s proposed modifications:

Rough pricing

1 basic bedrooms: 700 gp
1 basic kitchen: 2000 gp
1 basic dining hall: 2000 gp
1 basic bathroom: 400 gp
1 basic barracks: 400 gp
1 basic stables: 1000 gp
1 kennel: 500 gp
3 guard post: 300 gp each
1 storage room: 400 gp
entry hall: 500 gp
grand staircase: 1000 gp
planning room (library): 500 gp
walkway: 300 gp
veil room: 1000 gp
throne room: 2000 gp
magic lab: 500 gp

subtotal: 14400 gp

8000 gp for 2nd floor walls

total: 22400 gp


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