The Guildmasters are the guild leaders of all the various guilds in Founder’s Reach ,collectively representing the interests of the city’s trade guilds. The Guildmasters have no official leader, though each year, they elect one member to sit on the city’s ruling council. The headquarters of the Guildmasters, the Guildhouse, is located in the High Market.

Generally, players will not rise to the position of leader of a guild, and therefore cannot be a member of the Guildmasters. However, players can certainly join individual guilds.

Trade Guild

Special There is a trade guild for each Craft, Perform, and Profession skill. When you join a trade guild, select which guild you are joining – for example, the Merchants’ Guild uses Profession (merchant) while the Bookbinders’ Guild uses Craft (books). Use this skill when the below stat block refers to the guild skill. You may join multiple trade guilds.

Location Founder’s Reach

Entrance Fee 50 gp
Entrance Check DC 16 guild skill check
Dues 50 gp
Term 1 season (13 weeks)

Advancement Check guild skill (DC 15 + ranks in skill)
Expulsion 4 failed checks

Masterpiece (+1 Fame) If a member succeeds on an Advancement roll by 10 or more, that member gets 1 additional Fame.

Skill Aid (1 PP) You get the temporary assistance of another member, who gives you a +4 bonus on a single skill check. This cannot be used for a Day Job or Advancement roll.
Financial Aid (1 PP) You can skip paying your dues without penalty for 1 term.
Caravan (5 PP) You have purchased a controlling interest in a caravan, traveling performance troupe, or other mobile business as appropriate for the guild skill. When you gain this award, select Diplomacy, Bluff, or Intimidate. You may now use that skill for Day Job rolls.
Spellcasting (varies) By paying the listed PP cost, you can have one of the listed spells cast for you at minimum CL. (are there other appropriate spells?)

  • 1 PP crafter’s fortune, make whole

Guild Training (15 Fame) You have risen up the ranks in the guild and are now specialized in the guild skill.

Membership Status

Alchemist’s Guild

Character Fame Failed Checks
Geralt of Rivia 10 0
Norshar 11 0


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