Founder's Reach

Founder’s Reach
N (LN) planar metropolis
Corruption +6, Crime +6, Economy +8, Law +6, Lore +7, Society +8
Qualities academic, magically attuned, prosperous, strategic location, tourist attraction
Danger +10
Government autocracy/council
Population approx. 300,000
Notable NPCs
6 council members to be detailed later
Base Value effectively infinite; Purchase Limit effectively infinite gp; Spellcasting 9th
Note: These stats are for the city as a whole. In general, few people are able to make use of the resources of the entire city.

More districts will be added to the map soon

Over 400 years ago, a group of retiring adventurers, who named themselves the Founders, created the city of Founder’s Reach. The city was built atop the site where the fortress of an evil wizard once stood. Ages ago, the wizard was defeated in a great battle, but his magics left the surrounding area completely barren of all life. For centuries, the land sat worthless and unclaimed. The Founders used their extensive magics to revitalize the land, not only making it habitable once more, but making it more fertile than it was before the wizard’s destruction. They established a city with a vast infrastructure, including indoor plumbing, sewer systems, and proper medical facilities.

Founder’s Reach is now the hub of trade, art, and commerce in the world. However, the city has expanded well beyond what the Founders expected, with a huge tent city surrounding the city proper.

Today, the city is run by a council of six members:

Founder’s Reach does not have a standing army per se, though the Prefects act as the city guard, patrol the surrounding area, and deal with emergencies in the city (such as fires). In addition, the city is protected by a number of magical defenses created by the Founders. Finally, the multitude of organizations who have made Founder’s Reach their headquarters can step in to aid the city’s defenders when needed.

Many of the businesses and establishments that were founded in the city’s early years bear a “Founder’s” prefix. For example, The Founder’s Keg is a well-known tavern in the city. This naming scheme is a point of honor for some, a point of elitism for others.

Districts of the city:

Founder's Reach

Founder's Reach Poit