Capital: Feria City
Population: 39% human, 23% adonai, 18% dwarf, 10% dromite, 5% chimairans, 5% other
Government: Republic
Imports: Lumber, coal
Exports: Steel, bows, livestock
The only true country on Femon other than Alyria, Feria has nearly as old a history of Alyria, establishing itself as a nation just over a decade after King Elkath I founded Alyria. Indeed, Feria was specifcally established due to the fear of the expansionistic nature of Alyria and Elkath I. This fear was validated when Alyria later attempted to conquer Feria. After years of bitter war, Feria swore fealty to the Alyrian Empire.
Currently, Feria has reestablished itself as a sovereign nation, although it is slightly worse for wear after the Alyrian-Ferian War, and Feria’s later coup to regain its sovereign status. Occasional skirmishes between Ferian troops and Alyrian mercenary guards are not uncommon, although the unclaimed land between the two nations leaves a suffcient buffer to minimize confict.
As a republic, Feria has no true royalty, although it does have an aristocracy which tends to be selected as its ruling body. The selection to the ruling body often creates more aristocracy, as the elected representatives start to socialize with their peers and improve their situation. Among the other nations of Femon, Feria has an uneasy truce with the Liburia to the west and marginal contact with any other nations aside from the occasionally bloody interactions with Alyria. In an effort to regain some level of economic standing and power, Feria has attempted to enter into the trading business by shipping goods north along the coast to the Barony of Soleil and, further to the west, Luxor. To date, run-ins with the Maquoran Fleet and conficts with them have been minimal as the Ferians have kept their ships strictly to the coastline.

Major Geographic Features

Situated southeast of Alyria, Feria is bordered to the east by the southern ocean. To Feria’s west is the Duchy of Rel and the other Liburia, although large swathes of the land between Feria and the Liburia lay unclaimed and with only minimal civilization. The northern border of Feria is marked by the split of the Adreanian and Euliac Rivers.

Adreanian River – used by Feria as a means of shipping to and from its coastal ports, the Adreanian River fluctuates from a width of over one kilometer to less than half a kilometer and is the largest river on Tion. Originating from the Starshed Lake, just a few dozen miles from the southern border of the Plains of Ventrad, the Adreanian River’s tributaries include the Euliac River and the Nelhore and Pashkar rivers which fow through Alyria. Because the Adreanian River connects Alyria, Feria, and allows easy access for the Ventrad tribesman, defensive structures have been placed in strategic locations along the river, including dams and low bridges to minimize the ease of entering Ferian land.

Important Sites

Feria City – the capital of Feria, Feria City forms the hub of the nation, both in the fow of commerce and in the flow of information. As the center of the government, the Ferian Council resides in Feria City, where it decides on all matters of law and governing that require the highest level of review.

Mneloch Mines – the primary source for Femon’s iron ore, the Mneloch Mines are in the small foothills south of Feria City. Despite centuries of mining, Feria continues to harvest raw iron ore from the mines, providing the primary component for their valuable steel. During Alyrian control, the ore was more heavily mined than under Ferian governing, and several of the larger veins ran dry, but since Feria’s return to independence, new veins have been uncovered, revitalizing the flagging industry. While other mines have been established throughout Feria, Mneloch continues as the single largest source of iron ore.


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