The Region of Dreams, usually simply called Dream, is where dreams cavort, heedless of the waking world. Dreams once dreamt fade into obscurity, but their echoes resonate forever throughout Dream. Carcasses of particularly powerful dreams, charged with emotion, sometimes rampage from dreamscape to dreamscape, giving rise to nightmares or bliss.
Into the Region of Dreams come dreamers, whether they will it or not, every time they fall asleep. Their minds take flight to the Region of Dreams. The edges of Dream expand and contract with temporary dreamscapes as dreamers on every plane sleep and wake. Dream would exist even if
there were no dreamers, though.
One cannot pin down Dream in all its varied guises and its associated wonders,enigmas,and nightmares. It has no single comprehensive definition: No laws bind it save its own; and
those are mutable. Dream is many things to many creatures.

The Shallows

The Shallows are akin to Dream,and they partake of the substance of Dream in that they require dreamstuff to inflate and stabilize their existence. The many dreamscapes created by dreamers dot the Shallows, and last but a short time, and they rarely impinge on each other accidentally. However, there are those who knowingly walk between dreamscapes, doing as they will. Sometimes such lucid dreamers pierce the very heart of Dream, where average dreams dare not roam. The Shallows are coterminous to the Material Plane and also to the Astral Plane. Most creatures who reach the Shallows do so only as a dreamer (this is also referred to as being present as
a “dreamself”),not physically,and they do so as easily as falling asleep.


Many dreamscapes are small—no more than two or three rooms in a drab building, a small clearing in a stormwracked forest, or a mist-shrouded rural crossroads. Other dreamscapes extend for miles and contain all manner of oddities, architecture, and inhabitants. However, all dreamscapes share one feature: the dreamer.
The dreamer’s unconscious mind forms the dreamscape, which the dreamer then moves through, usually unconscious of the fact that he is dreaming at all. The dreamer alters large or small aspects of his personal dreamscape, though he never does so consciously unless trained in Lucid Dreaming. Dreamscapes usually burst when the dreamer awakens, although occasionally dreamscapes linger or survive permanently under unusual circumstances. In extremely rare cases, a dreamscape ruptures, sending its pieces and visitors into other dreamscapes or onto the Material Plane. Objects from ruptured dreamscapes usually last a few hours on the Material Plane, but 1% of them achieve permanent reality.
Moving between dreamscapes is intentionally done only by dreamwalkers who have entered Dream via dream travel or who are using the Lucid Dreaming skill. A traveler can hop from dreamscape to dreamscape or aim for the Dreamheart itself. Although dreamscapes don’t usually overlap, dreamwalkers can find places where the borders are thin enough that a single step transfers the traveler from one dreamscape to the next. The passage between dreamscapes is a gradual change, not a sudden wrenching. As the traveler approaches the border of the dreamscape, the surroundings become more and more like the neighboring dreamscape, while features of the current dreamscape are less noticeable. Eventually, the dreamwalker has passed wholly into the new dreamscape. A dreamwalker, like any dreamer, can “wake up” to leave Dream entirely.
Waking Up: A dreamer or dreamwalker can attempt to wake up from a threatening dreamscape as a move equivalent action by succeeding at a Wisdom check (DC 10). When the dreamer who created the dreamscape awakens, the dreamscape bursts. Any other visitors are sent headlong into the nearest dreamscape. When a dreamwalker wakes, the dreamscape and the original dreamer are unaffected

True Dream

The dreamscapes, in all their infinite numbers, are only the shallow edge of Dream. They border the True Dream, a realm where dreamers can die. True Dream is a roiling boil of dream-born land-
scapes that melt, burn, grow, and dissolve without any rhyme or reason. Amid the chaos, half-melted dreamscapes drift—lakes, buildings, streets, strange creatures, and small islands. Some
provide shelter against the tempest, but others are open to its deadly effects. These are dreamscapes that have been pulled into the True Dream, usually after their dreamers have awakened. Waking up in the Dreamheart is more difficult, requiring a Wisdom check (DC 18).
In the Dreamheart, a random flare of lost dreambits can take the life of a dreamwalker at any moment. Likewise, a dream-born creature can swoop out of the chaos and eat an inexperienced traveler. When death comes in the Dreamheart, it affects the physical body as well.

Like any storm, the tempest of True Dream has an eye. If there is any mind, deity, or purpose in the Region of Dreams, it can be found in the Eye of the Tempest. But each character who visits it comes away with a completely different understanding of what lives in the eye
No one account can accurately encompass True Dream, much as no dreamer can completely understand all dreams.


The Region of Dreams has the following traits.

Subjective Directional Gravity:Within most dreamscapes, the strength of gravity is the same as on theMaterial Plane, but each dreamscape can pull in a different direction. The subjective gravity of most dreamscapes appears to conform to normal gravity, but other dreamscapes may have wildly different gravity traits. Visitors who master the skill of Lucid Dreaming can
choose how the gravity of a particular dreamscape affects them.

Flowing Time: For every 10 minutes in Dream, only 1 minute passes on the Material Plane. But the nature of the plane makes time spent on the plane less real. No matter what dream visitors experience, only memories remain when they leave Dream. Spells cannot truly be cast or learned, nor items won or lost, nor experience points earned when dreaming. Physical visitors find that times flows at a more normalized rate, yet so far, no one has been able to explain the discrepancy.

Infinite Size: Dream is infinite, though individual dreamscapes are finite. Even a single dreamscape can seem quite large, however, depending on the nature of the individual dream.

Highly Morphic Trait: Dreamscapes are born from wild dream-stuff the moment a dreamer’s mind
plunges into Dream. Left alone on Dream, wild dream-stuff is as ephemeral as thought. But once a
dreamscape solidifies, it has the alterable morphic trait similar to the Material Plane. Visitors skilled in Lucid Dreaming may be able to morph a dreamscapemore to their own liking.

No Elemental or Energy Traits

Mildly Neutral-Aligned

Normal Magic / Normal Psionics : Spells can be cast normally, but dreamers who leave Dream discover that any spells they used on the plane weren’t really cast (they still have them asprepared spells or available spell slots). Similarly, any spells still in effect when a traveler leaves Dream are gone as if they were never cast.

Secrets stuff! Don’t read if you are a not an Elan!

Monterre – The island-city of Monterre serves as the capital of the elan nation, as well as a refuge point for the race should their location be discovered. Painstakingly built over centuries, Monterre is an island in the Dreamscape, created of dreamstuff and fortifed by the psionic might of the combined elan population to protect against any other creatures in the Dreamscape. Due to the mutable nature of the Dreamscape, Monterre grows as the needs of the elans change, although the structures themselves stay a constant to give the citizens a sense of stability. Those talented in manipulating dreamstuff are tasked with creating new structures when needed, as well as ensuring the upkeep of the existing city. Travel to and from Monterre is only possible by those capable of physically traveling to the Dreamscape, or through a handful of specially-trained transporters, elans who have spent months attuning their minds to Monterre and can shift a sleeping being into the Dreamscape. At the center of Monterre is the Spire of Truth, the initial tower built in the Dreamscape that acts as an anchor, helping to secure the rest of the city to allow the dreamwrights time to perform other tasks.


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