Clear and Present Danger


The annual Needfest celebration is approaching, and the Church of Zodal runs an annual charity drive to buy presents for orphans throughout Ansalon. However, because of the recent civil war in Nyrond, more presents are needed. A number of the church’s donors have agreed to donate more, in exchange for the church arranging to have certain tasks for them. So, Peacemaker Janton of the Church of Zodal hired the Irregulars to perform these tasks – remove a curse from a magic mirror for Steve the Enchanter, help Hurk the weapons dealer with a gang that had been hitting him up for protection money, remove a group of vampire hunters from Vlad’s warehouse, and get a completely legitimate shipment out of customs for the Thieves’ Guild. After completing these tasks, they returned to the church, and found a pair of thieves making off with the church’s savings. The Irregulars then chased the thieves through the streets of Founder’s Reach and captured them.


  • Sunsebb 17: The Irregulars help Steve the Enchanter and Hurk, then meet Vlad.
  • Sunsebb 18: The Irregulars deal with the vampire hunters and get a shipment out of customs for the Thieves’ Guild. They then retrieve the orphans’ money from a pair of thieves.

Groups/NPCs appearing in this story:

Clear and Present Danger

Founder's Reach Poit