There are many religions throughout the world, and almost all of them have a church in Founder’s Reach. Having a separate writeup for every church would be tedious and somewhat unfeasible, so they are presented here in a generic format. The three largest churches in Founder’s Reach are the Church of Erastil, Church of Murlynd, and Church of Zilchus.

Special Each church has one or more skills that it uses for Entrance and Advancement checks, in addition to Knowledge (religion). These skills are referred to as church skills, and they are:

  • Asmodeus Diplomacy or Linguistics
  • Brandobaris Bluff or Stealth
  • Cayden Cailean Perform (comedy) or Profession (brewer or bartender)
  • Erastil Handle Animal or Knowledge (nature)
  • Horus Knowledge (nobility) or ???
  • Irori Acrobatics or Autohypnosis
  • Kelanen Acrobatics or Craft (armor or weapons)
  • Lolth Intimidate or ???
  • Mayaheine ???
  • Murlynd Craft (any)
  • Pelor ???
  • Pharasma Heal or ???
  • Pholtus Diplomacy or ???
  • Pyremius Craft (alchemy) or Stealth
  • Vecna ???
  • Wee Jas Knowledge (arcana) or Spellcraft
  • Zagyg Knowledge (arcana) or Spellcraft?
  • Zarongel Handle Animal or Ride
  • Zilchus Appraise or Diplomacy

Location Temple Row, Founder’s Reach; everywhere else

Entrance Fee 50 gp
Entrance Check DC 14 Knowledge (religion) or church skill check
Dues 50 gp/term
Term 1 season (13 weeks)

Advancement Check Knowledge (religion) or church skill (DC 15 + ranks in skill)
Expulsion 4 consecutive failed Advancement checks

Crusade (+1 Fame) Once per term, if you successfully undertake a holy mission in the church’s name (as determined by the GM), your Fame score increases by +1.

Skill Aid (1 PP) You get the temporary assistance of another member, who gives you a +4 bonus on a single skill check. This cannot be used for a Day Job or Advancement roll.
Financial Aid (1 PP) You can skip paying your dues without penalty for 1 term.
Healing Wand (2 PP) Your church gifts to you a wand of cure light wounds or a wand of infernal healing. The wand of infernal healing is only available if your deity has a non-good alignment.
Spellcasting (varies) By paying the listed PP cost, you can have one of the listed spells cast for you at minimum CL.

  • 1 PP cure moderate wounds, dispel magic, lesser restoration, make whole, remove blindness/deafness, remove curse, remove disease, remove paralysis
  • 2 PP break enchantment, greater dispel magic, neutralize poison, restoration (4 PP to remove permanent negative levels)
  • 3 PP heal, regenerate
  • 16 PP greater restoration, raise dead
  • 32 PP resurrection
  • 77 PP true resurrection

Divine Boon Each church offers a specific award closely tied to its specific religion.

  • Asmodeus (5 PP) You gain the services of a specialized slave of your choice. This boon essentially grants you a temporary cohort for a number of days equal to your Fame score divided by 5. Work with your GM to determine stats for your temporary cohort.
  • Brandobaris ???
  • Cayden Cailean (5 PP) You undergo the Gauntlet of Inebriation, a week-long debauch of alcohol consumption and increasingly humiliating athletic contests. At the end of the Gauntlet, you gain the title “mead brother” or “mead sister” and receive Toughness as a bonus feat.
  • Erastil (5 PP) Your training has made you adept at successfully making extraordinary bow shots. When using a bow, you gain the Far Shot feat. If you already possess this feat, you gain a +2 competence bonus on any bow attack made at more than one range increment.
  • Irori (4 PP) You gain the ability to achieve inner focus. Once per day as a swift action, you can activate your inner focus, gaining a +1 insight bonus on a single attack roll. If you have any ki points (such as those granted by monk or ninja levels), you instead gain 1 bonus ki point and can activate your inner focus multiple times per day by spending 1 ki point as a swift action.
  • Kelanen (4 PP) You gain the ability to Detect Alignment, as the Inquisitor class feature, but you can also focus on something as a move action as if you were a Paladin. However, you cannot detect any alignment you possess. For instance, if you are Lawful Neutral, you can only detect chaos, evil, and good; if you are Chaotic Good, you can only detect evil and law. Therefore, only True Neutral worshipers of Kelanen can make full use of this ability.
  • Lolth ???
  • Murlynd (5 PP) You are granted access to the Wonderforges of the church to make a weapon or suit of armor. Make the appropriate Craft check. If successful, the item is made after 1 hour of crafting, and it is treated as a superior item.
  • Pharasma (5 PP) Once per week, you can pray to psychopomps — spirits that aid in escorting souls to the Boneyard — to supernaturally mark the body of a creature that died within the last 10 minutes. If the creature is restored to life within the next 24 hours, it does not gain a negative level as part of coming back to life.
  • Pyremius (5 PP) Your training has granted you the poison use ability, as per the assassin prestige class ability.
  • Zarongel ???
  • Zilchus (4 PP) You gain the Blessing of Prestige, a ritual that bolsters several skills while you are in a specific city. Pick a settlement when you gain this boon. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Knowledge (local) checks made within that city. You may gain this benefit multiple times, applying it to a different city each time.

Infirmary Access (5 Fame) As long as you are able to rest in a church or monastery dedicated to your deity, you and a number of allies equal to your Fame score divided by 5 can receive magical healing for free. When you use this ability, you and your allies heal damage overnight equal to your Fame score (this healing comes primarily from channeled energy and cure light wounds spells from low-ranking priests in the building). You can gain these benefits a number of times each week equal to your Fame score divided by 10 (minimum 1).
Friar (20 Fame) You are now a friar (or other appropriate rank) in your church, and you may purchase potions, scrolls, and wands from the church at a 10% discount.
Monastery Training (20 Fame, 1 PP) Select Knowledge (religion) or one of your church’s associated skills. You become specialized in that skill.
Back from the Dead (35 Fame) Your fame has reached a point where you can request a single raise dead spell from your church at some point free of charge. This can be for a trusted ally who fell in combat, a beloved NPC, or even for yourself. Once you use this benefit, you must pay normally for subsequent raise dead spells or other resurrection effects from your church.

Membership Status (Church of Irori)

Church of Cayden Cailean

Character Fame Failed Checks
Fennec Foxblood 2 0
Louie Solir 0 1

Church of Irori

Character Fame Failed Checks
Lyr 2 0

Church of Kelanen

Character Fame Failed Checks
Ruko Shinigami 16 0

Church of Pyremius

Character Fame Failed Checks
Thanquol 13 0


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