Castle Dabra

Castle Dabra
N Small City
Corruption -1, Crime +1, Economy +1, Law +1, Lore +7, Society -2
Qualities Academic, Psionicly Attuned, Pious (Psionics), Rumormongering Citizens
Danger +5
Government Psionic council
Population approx. 10,000
Notable NPCs
Kassim – CG male xeph nomad 9 – Doyen
Karntash – LN female elan telepath 10 – Doyen

Base Value 5,00 gp ; Purchase Limit 60,000 gp; Manifesting 10th*

*Note: While theoretically, A 10th level psionic effect could be acquired here, it would require the Doyens to all agree to a Metaconcert. This is not easy.

Castle Dabra is a testament to what can be performed when the different aspects of psionics are used in harmony. A learning center for any type of psionic individual, Castle Dabra is welcoming to all students, so long as they follow the tenets of cooperation that led to the creation of the castle.

Grounds: Set atop a small mountain peak above numerous tiny villages and expansive farmland, the Castle Dabra is a triumph of achievements. Named for the psion who originally proposed the idea, it is the blending of all six disciplines working in accord to create something greater than the single. Telepathic probing delved the best plans from the minds of the most artistic architects, seers located the perfect area upon which to build, shapers and nomads created or obtained the best materials from the world and beyond at the direction of others, and egoist muscle and kineticist energy put it all together.

Standing proud on its perch above the surrounding lands, the gleaming crystal walls of every color can be seen for miles. A single path molded from some azure material snakes its way up the mountainside to the castle’s luminous gemstone gates. Inside is equally impressive. The architecture and materials are otherworldly in their array. More expansive than nearly any other castle, a visitor could spend days wandering the halls and rarely come across the same thing more than once. Great care has obviously been taken with the layout, and though one construction style changes to another, it is seamless so that there is nothing disorderly about it. The entire structure lacks nothing in its impressiveness, and though formed of an opaque, multi-hued crystal, it is stronger than steel.

Teacher: Castle Dabra is not taught or managed by a single individual. Instead, it is run by a council of sorts. Six members make up the founding circle and at any time, there are three to six managers, called Doyens, running the school. Often, each Doyen will be skilled in a single discipline of psionics and all of the six form a council representing psionics as a whole. This is not always the case, however, if a suitable Doyen is found who overlaps with another’s skill that bit of tradition is seen as less important. Currently there are three Doyens, the others not yet replaced after their retirement some years ago. Always on the lookout for suitable replacements for the empty seats, these three run the school with the same zeal as when they started.

One such Doyen is Kassim. Always light-hearted and quick with a smile, Kassim – CG male xeph nomad 9 – was born far from Castle Dabra, deep underground. Suffering from an irrepressible wanderlust, he spent his youth traveling the caves near his home. When he was old enough to live on his own, he left his home and has yet to return. Loving the surface world even more than his
cavernous homeland due to the myriad sights and sounds there, Kassim has traveled far and wide, taking in sights from many continents and even jaunting to other planes when the mood strikes him. When approached about a job as a Doyen of Castle Dabra, Kassim didn’t hesitate to
accept, as he was assured to have ample time to travel, if he chose.

Around the castle, students are most likely to see Kassim on his way somewhere, whether that be another location within the castle or a far-off land. Quick-witted and always happy to engage in conversation, Kassim often invites students to travel with him to distant destinations and unknown adventures. Those that accept are in for the most surprising of “feld trips,” as Kassim is equally likely to travel virtually anywhere. He often regales his traveling companions with stories of his adventures, though he is equally likely to “forget” students in some remote location, letting them fnd their own way (though he would never do this in a location dangerous to the students’ survival). Later, when he “remembers” to take them home, he often asks, his eyes sparkling, what they did while alone. Disappointment abounds if their stories are uninteresting.

Students: Castle Dabra was founded with a firm goal in mind – cooperation. No student who would place their own wants before the castle’s needs would be allowed to enroll or stay once enrolled. That aside, Castle Dabra accepts nearly anyone regardless of race, moral outlook, ability level, or even age. Nearly anyone or anything can be found within its halls. Though this can lead to trouble on some occasions, as those with a more evil outlook may try to take advantage of others, the Doyens feel that a bit of rivalry is a good learning experience for everyone involved, so long as it does not get out of hand.

Typical Day: No day at Castle Dabra could be called typical. With students from so many races, outlooks, and backgrounds, it is impossible to not expect excitement (whether good or bad) to abound. Anything from pranks gone wrong to escaped monsters running amok in the hall becomes almost expected to interrupt the normal curriculum.
That said, there is the hope that a typical day will include meals at regular intervals, classes (each chosen by the individual student upon enrollment or at the beginning of each year) at hourly periods, and free time in the evenings that can be spent exploring the amazing architecture or simply relaxing and socializing with friends. Classes can vary remarkably, with anything from studying history or psionics from books and lectures, to “hands-on” activities involving manifesting powers to practice or for official (and supervised) duels. A class all students of Castle Dabra are required to take is one that involves manifesting powers from alternate sources. The founders and Doyens today feel that access to everything psionics has to offer is the key to fully educated and capable students.

Castle Dabra

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