Barony of Soleil

Barony of Soleil
Capital: Sol City
Population: 60% humans, 17% dwarves, 13% adonai, 8% chimairans, 2% other
Government: Autocracy
Imports: Glass, jewelry, gems, crystals, spices, herbs, fsh
Exports: Timber, stone, ore, meat, wine, fruit

To an outsider, the Barony seems to be a warlike nation, intent on slow but merciless conquest, populated by arrogant warmongers who don’t see that they already have the most plentiful lands in all of Femon. But then, most outsiders have never ventured into the Barony, spoken to its citizens or seen the splendor of Sol City. The Barony does indeed cradle the most bountiful of forests, mines, and plains and its people are proud to the point of arrogance, because they believe in the superiority of their culture. A Solar citizen pays tax and in exchange they are protected by the Solar Knights and the Army and enjoy the benefits of highly maintained roads, frequent patrols, few brigands and good trade.

The average Solar citizen views himself as a free man and his society as one which offers equal opportunities to all its citizens, for even if there is nobility, it is not hereditary but rather meritocratic. To become a Noble, you must raise your own weapons, armor and horse and serve a term with the Solar Knights. If you manage this, you are awarded an area to oversee from which you draw tax, keep the peace and hold the rights to a Noble’s mansion. From the ranks of the most successful Nobles, the current Baron will fnd his heir and train his successor. In the eyes of the Solars, this means that their society is free and open for advancement for those who wish to become lords themselves.

However, the Solars and the Baron himself is not content with what they have and with more and more Nobles filling the ranks of the Solar Knights, the nation needs more land to civilize. Fortunately, there are plenty of uncivilized and barbaric lands to the south and south-west in the form of the Ventrad Plains and the Crystalshard Mountains. The only civilized area, in the eyes of the Solars, near the Barony, is Luxor, and the age old dispute with Luxor offers the potential of vast new areas to conquer instead of civilizing.

As the Barony slowly grows, its conflicts with the Ventrad Tribes, the Orlamu people and the guilds of Luxor continue to escalate and grow worse. However, the Barony has learned from its former mistakes and now there are no major attacks which drain the country of its warriors only to be stabbed in the back. Each advance is heavily defended by a new Noble and his retinue of warriors as new settlers move into an area designated ‘open’ by the Baron. In this fashion, piece by piece, the Barony of Soleil eats away at its neighbors, while the Nobles whom were given the lands bordering Luxor have built fortresses and are training more soldiers for the army as each day passes.

Major Geographic Features

The Barony of Soleil is situated on the north-eastern part of Tion. It stretches from Reek River in the east to the Ventrad Plains in the south, cornered by the White Cliffs in the north-east and the Crystalshard Mountains in the south-west. The White Cliffs cover most of the Barony’s shoreline towards the sea, dropping the Sol highlands into the sea from a height of almost a hundred yards – the cliffs take their name from the white and bleached bedrock that has been exposed by the water. A number of rivers snake their way down from the Crystalshards, including the Giants-whip River and the Tears, so called because of the somewhat salty taste of its water. These two rivers irrigate much of the settled area in the Barony and the capital of Sol has been built on the spot where these two rivers merge into one mighty torrent.
To the south-west lies Darkward Forest, an enormous and thick forest said to be alive and cognitive of its surroundings. Those who live nearby claim that they have an accord with the forest, allowing them, and only them, to harvest lumber from it in exchange for not wandering further in than ten paces. The villagers and lumberjacks who work at Darkward Forest claims that with each spring, every tree cut down has grown back. However, those foolish enough to have wandered into the forest have disappeared forever, sometimes triggering a backlash from the forest itself. At times, the backlash has been simple, like every axe shattering when striking a tree for a year. At other times, entire villages have gone missing, devoured by the forest itself.

Important Sites

Sol City – home of the Baron, mightiest city in the North. Sol City is fanked on both sides by the Giants-whip River and the Tears River it has now grown all the way up into the Broken Spear Mountainside where the Baron’s Castle resides, high above the city itself. From here the Baron looks down upon his subjects and plans the future of the most glorious nation. Here thousands of merchants gather for the Colorful Fair every year, so named for the countless fags fown by the merchants to garner the attention of potential customers. Here can be found every craft and every profession, from smith to herbalist and regardless of what one seeks, there is most probably someone who can provide it at the Colorful Fair.

Barony of Soleil

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