A Tiger in Ahlissa

While staying at the Whirling Dervish in Westgate, the Irregulars are warned by a group from the Smiling Ones, a faction of the Westgate Thieves’ Guild, that an assassin known as the Dawn Tiger has been hired to kill them. The next morning, Afronidious is able to procure the Zilchus Western Company logs for Dantoni’s activities before his murder. They investigate the fishmongering compound where Dantoni was supposed to be working, but found that someone else had apparently been posing as Dantoni. On their way back to the ZWC compound, they were attacked by the Dawn Tiger and killed him. Back at the ZWC compound, they found that the man masquerading as Dantoni was his roommate, Octreth. He confessed to the switch, and pointed the Irregulars toward the Darien Fishmongering Compound. There, they fought Darien’s (who is also the Opaquer) second-in-command, a wererat named Yorriak, then discovered a shrine to Vecna in the basement where they found an amulet with the name “Gryinanquil” inscribed upon it.


  • Fireseek 18: The Westgate Thieves’ Guild warns the Irregulars about the Dawn Tiger.
  • Fireseek 19: The Irregulars get more information from Afronidious. They investigate Hughnard’s compound, and while returning to the ZWC compound, they are attacked by the Dawn Tiger. They question Octreth and investigate Darien’s compound. They return to Darien’s compound at night and find a shrine to Vecna.

Groups/NPCs appearing in this story

A Tiger in Ahlissa

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