A Murder In Heartland


The Irregulars are hired by Darimos Enol to escort him to and from the town of Heartland, so he can inspect the grain there. After arriving in town, Darimos goes off to check the grain, but is later found dead – impaled with a broom handle driven through the grain silo’s door. The Irregulars are then hired by the town mayor, Georgot Satinne, to investigate the murder. They discover that the child of a local farmer had also been killed. After diffusing a mob at the Heartland Inn, the party meets a small group of mongelfolk who live in a copse of trees on the edge of town. One of them points the group in the right direction, and they discover a local resident, Gosen Beourn, fleeing after killing another victim. They track down the clearly-insane Gosen and are forced to kill him.



  • Goodmonth 24 (during downtime): The group discovers they’ve been registered as an adventuring group, and are forced to decide on a name.
  • Harvester 3: The Irregulars are contracted by Darimos to protect him on the way to Heartland.
  • Harvester 6: The Irregulars and Darimos arrive in Heartland.
  • Harvester 7: Gosen kills Darimos in the early morning. The Irregulars begin investigating the murder and meet a group of mongrelfolk who live outside town. That night, Gosen kills another victim before the Irregulars can stop him.
  • Harvester 8: The Irregulars leave Heartland.
  • Harvester 11: The Irregulars arrive back in Founder’s Reach.

Groups/NPCs appearing in this story

A Murder In Heartland

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