A very hansome Halfling, and cleric in the church of Irori.


Speed:20(30 with boots)
XP: 32275 (bonus xp from character creation and first quest RP bonus)(Player bonus: +400xp)

Prepared spells:
Detect magic, Guidance, Mending, Stabilize
Bless, Comprehend language, Command, Endure Elements
Aid, Consecrate, Sound burst, Hold person
Searing light, Dispel Magic

Law -
Protection from Chaos, Align weapon (Law), Magic circle vs. Chaos
Strength -
Enlarge person, Bull’s strength, Magic vestments

Class features and feats:
Channel energy (With selective channel feat)
Improved unarmed (Just wait until I get Enlarge person and Divine might)
Silver tonged (+2 Diplomacy/Bluff)
Deflect Arrows (Avoid 1 ranged attack/round)

Magic/uncommon Items:
1 Ghost touched gauntlets (Spiked) <1 item>
+1 Chain shirt
Boots of springing and striding
+1 Cloak of resistance
Ring of warmth (Resist elements)
+1 bolts

Symbol of Irori (Open palm)

David Bowie (Goblin Bard) <builder>
Bob (Item trader) <Introduced to Lyr by the ranger (Insert name), this merchant sells items of a higher quality = more than 500gp value)
Favor with the Church of Zotal (1/2 cost for a raise dead spell 2500gp worth)


A well liked cleric within the order of the open palm, an adventuring branch of the Irori church, Lyr has made a name for himself as an “arbiter of disputes.” When there is an issue that needs to be inspected outside of the churches boarders, Lyr is sent to be the balanced voice of law and reason in the church’s name. Of course, he must bow to the local authorities in all criminal matters, and this has brought him close to being arrested on charges of “interfering in government business,” and “Impersonating a government official.”

Lucky for Lyr, he has a quick tongue. He has talked his way out of several difficult situations, and finds that a well placed word can accomplish just as much as a well placed bolt.

More info to follow as the campaign goes on

I have 7 checks to make to advance further in the church. I’ll have to get those done later.


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