Founder's Reach

Starting out in Founder's Reach, an entry by Shira Blackhand

-Shira Blackhand

One week after arrival. Now a citizen and Licenced Adventurer of Founder’s Reach. Back home week didn’t need paper work to in order to be able to prove one’s self. New place, new rules I guess.

Joined the this place’s coven, but it feel weird being there. Just doesn’t feel right for some reason. On the other hand, joined the Prefects. Figured it was a good way to learn about what will become my new home, one day maybe, hopefully.

Fredrick Burke invited me and some of my previous companions to celebrate the approval of our new licences. It was an opportunity to get out of the barracks and see some more of the city.

Unfortunately, the celebration was put on hold due to the sudden appearance of some Imps and 2 Dretch that decided to attack the store owner of the Fruit of the Mill, Karin Koeffel. Some strange blonde haired human by the name of Starent felt the need to standing the corner and cower instead of act.

We quickly dispatched these nuances, however some thing that is troubling is that they were attempting to summon more of their brethren. This is not possible if they were summoned, which means that they were brought to this plane through non-traditional means. They also appeared to have been wearing cloaks with some kind of black flame symbol on the inside

Karin thanked us by cooking us terrific dinner. We felt she could be in danger due to the fact that her boyfriend is Yr, a well known adventurer, who has had dealing with a cult that feels the need to worship demons.

The next morning I was waken early, and ordered to the Prefect HQ in the Low Markets. Karin is now missing. Starent is suspect in having knowledge of her disappearance.

Upon investigating Karin’s apartment, we discovered her diary. She and Yr were at the gardens, near the High market and one of the nicer looking housing areas, known as The Hills. Yr felt that they were being watched.

We headed to the same place. One of Fennec’s associates had been watching that area for some time and told us that they were being watched and that this elusive person had returned to and abandoned Mansion in The Hills.

We tracked down the location of this mansion and risked sneaking in through the roof. I believe we may have been discovered. I believe I heard “What was that?” in Abyssal, which cannot be a good thing.



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