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IC Discussion of the proficy we found

A time will come to pass when evil will once again hold sway over the land.

Norshar: I’m Assuming that time is now, with the whole desert thing.

Three stars and crescent Luna will mark it.

Norshar: Still not sure what this means.

Be it known those who write these words shall not live to meet those who carry the words. Only the worthy shall carry forth these words at the pre-ordained time.

Norshar: Seers are so rarely around to clarify the details

There shall come a time when a gift will be granted to man. A dark crown with a dark gift will be wrought. A curse shall befall the land and it shall wither like skin stretched across a rock. The poison of men shall scurry under the harsh sun. Only the shadow within the crown can restore the parched land. For all, the crown must be destroyed.

Norshar: Scoripion Crown, scorpoion men, forest to desert. Stuff that already happened.

arcane incantations
Seek out a living thing of Sulm, protected by the sleeping tower.

Norshar: Note to self, research Sulm sleeping tower.

Seek out a Sulmite weapon of unholy wrath, forgotten in faded Utaa.

Norshar: Find Utaa ruins, find awesome weapon.

Seek out an Itarian weapon of holy glow, lying in drowned Sennerae.

Norshar: Find Sennerae ruins, find awesome weapon.

Seek out the purest star metal and the prison of souls; locked within the herald of great sorrow.

Norshar: Nothing good ever falls from the sky. Still, that sounds disturbingly like what lies in the center of the Impact Sea. That’s not a place I’d like to go. It could be referring to a chunk that was eject or broke off during the impact, though. Still bad, very very bad.

Seek out the crown, bring it forth and unmake it.
The unmaking must happen. The unmaking must be. The unmaking shall bring salvation.
At the seat of darkness will be the ending.
more arcane incantations and ritual diagrams

Founder's Reach Discussion Thread

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